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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Sydney

Living in Australia, you probably know the basics about Sydney. You know what a tourist trap it is, and how many movies are filmed there regularly. You’re probably sick of the usual information about the Opera House and the countless festivals. But there are some things about Sydney that you may not know, especially when it comes to how the city compares to the rest of the world. Sydney is a powerhouse and a popular tourist destination, but it’s also so much more.

1 – It’s One of the Most Expensive Cities in the World

There’s no doubt that Sydney is super expensive, but if you don’t get out much, you may not realize just how expensive it is compared to the rest of the world. Out of 131 major cities surveyed, Sydney was found to be the fifth most expensive city on the entire planet. It’s not all in your head – those are some serious markups!

2 – It Needs More Homes

Something’s always being built in Sydney, but this time, it’s not more businesses the city is in need of. You’re probably used to the population growing, but are you aware to what extent the expansion is impacting the city? It’s predicted by the year 2036, Sydney will need as many as 770,000 new homes to keep pace with the population growth. By this time, an estimated 1.4 million additional people will have made Sydney their home.

3 – Blue Mountains and Eucalyptus

You may not think about eucalyptus much, because it’s so plentiful. Amazingly enough, 13 percent of the world’s species of eucalyptus are found in the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains are vital for these plants to survive, and it’s one of the key reasons why the Greater Blue Mountains Area is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Area.

4 – A World Class Melting Pot

Sydney is clearly very diverse, but its diversity ranks among the highest in the world. The city ranks seventh worldwide for its population of foreign-born citizens, creating a blend of cultures that everyone should be proud of. In fact, immigrants make up 75% of Sydney’s new population growth, and nearly 40% of people who live there weren’t born in Australia.

5 – Point Piper’s Astonishing Value

It may seem obvious that the suburb of Point Piper is exceedingly affluent, but you may not realize just how much we’re talking. Wolseley Road, Point Piper, is the ninth most expensive street in the entire world. Property is worth nearly forty thousand AUD per square metre, and the average value of a home on the street is close to eight million AUD.

6 – It Makes Up a Quarter of the Entire Country’s Income

Twenty five percent of all economic activity for Australia occurs in Sydney. From retail, property, and services to mining, manufacturing, and finance, Sydney alone beats three quarters of the country in its economic strength. Sydney is a magnet that draws in not only people, but a staggering amount of money.

Do you know any other interesting facts about Sydney that weren’t mentioned on this list? Feel free to tell everyone else by leaving a comment.

Kelly Smith works at CourseFinder. She’s interested in travel and discovering amazing places around the world. She’s keen on work-life balance and healthy work environments.

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