Joe Merchant & Co Source and Curate Speciality Coffee from Sydney's Best Roasters

Like many I love coffee and my mid morning long black is something I really look forward to every day. So being asked to try the latest monthly offering from Joe Merchant & Co was a real treat. Joe Merchant & Co source and curate speciality coffee from some of Sydney's best coffee roasters and then deliver it to your door every month.

The coffee that arrived for me to try was from the micro roastery Brewtown at Newtown - a single origin bean from the renowned Reko Washing Station in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. Described as having a flavour profile of jasmine and lavender florals, brown sugar, vanilla and finger lime I found it to be a very mellow, smooth and easy drinking coffee. I enjoyed it immensely and if you like to try different coffee from some of Sydney's finest artisan roasters curated to your personal preferences, delivered to your door in a box along with personalised tasting notes and information on the coffee you are drinking then I can highly recommend Joe Merchant & Co.

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