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Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Sydney You Can't Miss

Great food from a variety of cuisines is something that you'll find plenty of in Sydney. But what to do if you are vegetarian or just in the mood for some tasty vegetarian food? Here is a list of some of the top vegetarian restaurants around Sydney to help you locate the perfect restaurant to satisfy your most ardent food cravings. Try one or try them all!


Highly touted for its unique burlesque and cabaret atmosphere, Slide is located in a former bank in the Art Deco building. Enjoy delicious vegetarian food among golden picture frames, velvet curtains and lamp posts that hearken back to an earlier time. Slide also hosts fun events throughout the week. Like the Parisian-inspired Risque Revue on Wednesdays and the popular Gin Mill Social nights on certain Fridays. Gin Mill Social nights recreate a 1920s speakeasy and where patrons are encouraged to dress up.

Malabar South Indian Restaurant

The food at Malabar is fresh and local as well as incredibly tasty. Executive Chef Mohammed sources his ingredients from local growers via nearby farmer's markets and enjoys creating innovative dishes to delight the taste buds of his patrons. Enjoy gluten free options, as well.

Bodhi in the Park

Even your meat eating friends and family will enjoy the vegetarian and vegan dishes that Bodhi serves up. The restaurant deserves high marks for the earthy and peaceful vibe and a unique concept in dining: they prepare the food and bring it to you, then you pick and choose what you want from that. Kids love it.

​lentil as anything

The food and the atmosphere at Lentil aren't like anything else you are likely to find. They employ a "pay as you like" policy, which can make things interesting. They are a nonprofit organization and use rotating menus with an emphasis on South Indian food.

Suzy Spoon's Vegetarian Butcher

The food at Suzy's is somewhat different from other vegetarian restaurants, in that you'll find a lot of vegetarian burgers, hot dogs and sausages on the menu. Popular favorites are the Sunday Roast sausages and the Chili Dog and Spoon Burger.

Nine Dragons

A quiet oasis in the midst of the hustle and bustle of all the Chinatown markets. Nine Dragons is famous around town for the excellent Yum Cha, but the rest of the menu is just as yummy. The service is warm and friendly and the generous portions and good prices make this a very nice value for money.

Bread and Circus

Great big, salads bursting with amazing if somewhat daring flavor combinations are exactly what you'll find at Bread and Circus. Eat as much as you want without an ounce of guilt.

Moon Park

The cuisine at Moon Park is Korean. Just ask for the vegetarian menu and prepare for an experience. Biscuit with black garlic and cauliflower, potato pancake with shiso, and charred eggplant accompanied by a mung bean jelly and zucchini namul are just a few of the delightful ways the chef at Moon Park will tickle your taste buds.

Mad Spuds Cafe

If you are looking for a breakfast or lunch restaurant that serves vegetarian options, Mad Spuds Cafe is right where you want to be. It's a popular spot, as the short queue outside will suggest. But it's reputation is deserved and well worth the short wait.


The menu at Yullis will tantalize even the most ardent meat eaters, so don't be afraid to bring them along to this amazing vegetarian experience. The cuisine is influenced by Asian and Mediterranean cuisines. Don't leave without sampling the Yuk Sung and the Moneybags. They have an impressive beer menu that features unique brews with names like Dark Cinnamon.

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