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Sharks deterred by magnetic fields may be the key to beach safety

With the rising number of shark attacks and even fatalities in Australian waters lately, Sharkbanz has just released the latest in a series of video tests proving just how powerful the technology is and how it works on various species of shark. Working with Marine Biologist Dr. Patrick Rice, co-founder of Shark Defense Technologies LLC in America, Sharkbanz undertook an intensive research study in the Bahamas on the effectiveness of the product and gained some astounding results. Sharks are not only deterred by the magnetic fields that Sharkbanz put out, they swim in the opposite direction.

Key features:

  • Protection from sharks: created using patented magnetic shark repellant technology developed and tested by renowned shark experts and scientists

  • New test & validation footage: Recent testing in the Bahamas involving world leading Shark Repellant Research group Shark Defense Technologies LLC demonstrates the power and effectiveness of Sharkbanz

  • Testimonial: Shark attack survivor Jabez Reitman experiences first hand the effectiveness of Sharkbanz

  • A compact, stylish design: offered in two on-trend colors worn comfortably on the wrist or ankle

  • Peace of mind: for those swimming, surfing, snorkeling, fishing in the ocean

Sharkbanz are available for RRP $149 at

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