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RECLUS€ two young Sydney DJ's making a name for themselves

I met RECLUS€ who are two brothers from the North Shore backstage when they were performing at Oktoberfest. Al and Michael Hughes are well versed in Hip-Hop and Trap Music due to their passion for it, and are also able to play all kinds of House Music, which they have been performing mainly around Sydney's Northern Beaches, such as: Mona Vale Hotel, New Brighton Hotel and The Colloroy playing House and Deep House music.

Their gig resume is growing and they have also been working very hard at home honing out their mixing skills, having invested time and money buying speakers and their own mixer.

RECLUS€ began as part of the Your Shot competition, performing in front of a large audience in the Chapel at the Greenwood Hotel which they describe as "it was absolute mayhem"!

On top of this, they placed in the top 5 for ticket sales for the event, out of 80+ acts which performed on the day, which displays their ability to market themselves and also get their friends to events.

Check out their Facebook Page and Mixcloud

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