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Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival 2016: The internationally famous Scottish songbird Mary K

Do you want to know why “my head is in a spin and my feet don’t touch the ground” because for “One night only” you can “Step back in Time”.

As a part of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival 2016, the internationally famous Scottish songbird Mary Kiani is hosting a T-Dance. What is a T-Dance I hear some of you ask…. so let me explain. A T-Dance in gay culture is used to describe a dance party typically held outdoors on the weekends, usually on a Sunday afternoon.

Now this T-Dance promises to be something very special as Mary Kiani is flying the world famous godfather of T-Dances from the dancefloors of Fire Island and New York directly to Sydney especially for this occasion….Are you sitting down? Well you won’t be soon!

DJ Warren Gluck is returning to Australia to spin an amazing 8 hour set including of all our favourite party anthems from the 70’s and 80’s. Yes it is true, we are really going to “Turn Back Time”

Picture this…..dancing to all the music from your halcyon dance party days in style under the glittering mirror balls with all your friends, or simply sipping a Long Island Iced Tea while watching the sun set over Sydney from the rooftop of the famous super club “HOME” with its breath taking views of Darling Harbour.

Disco divas, I am telling you, disco decadence is back in style with live shows and drag queens with a perfect combination of feathers plus leathers… and even more surprises on the night.

Yes I know I “Imagine how you feel” but I guess “I like it like that!”

Think Different…..Think Disco…..Think.....T-Dance


Sunday 28th February 12pm -8pm

Home Terrace Darling Harbour


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