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EMU Australia Opens First Retail Store in Sydney

I attended the opening of the EMU Australia first world wide stand-alone retail store in collaboration with retail partner All Things Australian. The new store showcases a complete 365 day range of premium products including Spring/Summer, Platinum Australian, Beach, Balance, Originals and Waterproof styles.

EMU invests heavily in innovation and design - embracing natural materials, craftsmanship and quality, to create world-leading footwear and accessories.

I tried and these fabulous sandals and was immediately surprised at the comfort of them, and I am particularly fond of this type of style in sandals - they even matched my nail polish! Lucky for me I got to keep them and I know I’ll be getting as much wear out of them as I can before the cooler months are upon us.

Photo: Instagram

The store has been fitted out and customised to match the wave patterns featured on the brand’s footwear soles, and has an up-market with a relaxed feel about it.

As well as footwear the brand makes a range of accessories like these very cute earmuffs made with the finest Australian sheepskin $69.95

Choosing Australia for the first global store launch was natural due to the birthplace of the brand – Geelong, Victoria. EMU Australia is available worldwide in over 70 countries and through 5000 stores, as well as online All online deliveries are free of charge.


EMU Australia is a premium Australian footwear brand that believes in beautifully simple and comfortable products that improve the journey, wherever life takes you. Born from coastal origins, EMU Australia blends innovation and craftsmanship with the best natural materials, delivering comfort 365 days a year. With a rich heritage in authentic Australian-made sheepskin products, EMU Australia is influenced by their ‘Ever Natural’ surroundings, from natural textures and earth-inspired palettes, to local cultural influences, forming a fresh new design approach to ready-to-wear fashion footwear.


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