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Sydney Chic Makes The Finals of The Nardini Cocktail Mixing Challenge

Bloggers celebrated in style last night for the semi finals of the Wog with the Grog's Nardini Cocktail Mixing Challenge. Held at the fabulous Ormeggio Restaurant in Mosman, guests were treated to cocktails & champagne plus fabulous food. It was the perfect afternoon for such a gathering.

I'm pleased to say Sydney Chic has made it to the finals which are being held at Porsche in Alexandria in March. Who knows a trip to Italy could even be on the cards. No matter who wins, I have to say it's been a lot of fun leading up the challenge and I can say that I have actually designed my own cocktail.....with a little bit of help from Rob of course :)

Some pics of some of the other guests via the hashtag #thewogwiththegrogxnardini

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