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The Maille Mustard Mobile Foodie Tour

Today I attended the official launch the Maille Mustard Mobile, that is set to tour Australia’s finest food and wine shows, gourmet farmers markets as well as specially selected site visits for sampling.

I was lucky enough to meet the Maille Mustard Sommelier, Harry D Lalousis and Sydneysiders can catch the van at Taste of Sydney this weekend.

Deb dressed by Leona Edmiston

If you ever fancy a ‘haute dog’ then this is your chance to sample something quite extraordinary with the beautiful Maille Truffle Mustard. I woofed my ‘haute dog’ down quicker than you could blink an eye on this stunning Sydney Autumn day and the taste delightfully lingered with me for a while. Lucky for me I was gifted a jar of this beautiful mustard, I normally share my foodie items like this with my family but this time they are missing out! Ms selfish here is keeping it for herself!

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