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Martini Aperitivo Times Now Happening in Sydney

Martini have partnered up with some of Australia's top restaurants and bars with Sydney bar tenders preparing aperitivo style drinks for the following venues:

  • Maybe Frank

  • Lot 1

  • Vasco

  • Criniti's

  • Marciano's

An Aperitivo ritual has been practised for more than 150 years in Italy and it literally translates to 'a pre-meal drink to stimulate the appetite'.

I sampled two of the drinks at Criniti's in Woolloomoloo last Friday afternoon as a guest of the restaurant and Martini. The drinks were refreshing and lasted for a long time because the Martini balloon glasses are awesome, a very enjoyable cocktail on a warm Sydney afternoon.

We sampled a Rosato Spritz and Bianco Spritz, both a nice light cocktail.


60ml Martini Rosato

60ml Martini Prosecco

45ml Sparkling Water (siphon)

Decorate with ice, strawberries, pink grapefruit and serve in Balloon glass.


60ml Martini Bianco

60ml Martini Prosecco

45 Sparkling Water (siphon)

Decorate with ice, fresh lime, mint leaves and serve in Balloon glass.

Criniti's is a popular Italian restaurant in various locations in Sydney with a great vibe and food and the pizza's are awesome.

#Aperitivotimes will be also happening with participating restaurants/bars in Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

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