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Liven, the Mobile app That has had Melbournian Foodies in a Frenzy, Debuts in Sydney

Liven, is an innovative app combining restaurant discounts with social consciousness. The app offers exclusive discounts that make top-notch restaurant dining affordable while the cashless payment functionality offers convenience. It gets even better; the most exciting element of the new technology is its ability to share the savings (all or in part) with charities like the RSPCA.

Boasting a style of cuisine to suit any taste buds, Liven has already had over 50 Sydney restaurants jump on board, including Cafe del Mar, Kobe Jones, Blackbird, Casa, Meat District Co, Mordeo, Café Birkinghead, Ahgora, Lucetta and Petrol Kitchen. Users now can indulge in a fancy meal guilt-free, knowing that they are not only saving money with all-year-round discounts, but also helping some great causes with Liven’s ‘Save & Donate’ feature. This allows users who dine at any of Liven’s great restaurants to share a portion of their savings with a variety of charities, directly through the app. With plenty of charities jumping on board, Liven’s current partners include the RSPCA, National Breast Cancer Foundation, The Royal Children’s Hospital, beyondblue, The Salvation Army, OZharvest, Heart Foundation and Arthritis & Osteoporosis Victoria.

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