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Meet Glen Fitzgerald: Style Editor for Sydney Chic

I'm pleased to announce Sydney Chic's Style Editor, Glen Fitzgerald.

I am positive Glen will deliver some amazing blog posts for our readers. Just one look at Glen and you can see he is the picture of style in every way.

Welcome to the team Glen now over to you.....

I'm thrilled to be joining Deb and the team here at Sydney Chic as your Style Editor. For me, this blog represents a celebration of all things wonderful in this beautiful city of ours here in Sydney and I look forward to sharing my experiences with you…

As your contributing style editor you can expect me to deliver you the best of what Sydney (life)-style has to offer, which is certainly in abundance. I firmly believe we live in one of the most cosmopolitan, diverse and dynamic cities in the world and there is much for us to enjoy and share with each other along the way.

"Style" for me is not a commodity… although it can be purchased.. It is not a choice, but it is a way of living. It is not something you can learn, but it is something you can replicate, mimic and enjoy. Ultimately to me - STYLE is something you embody and embrace as an individual and true Style comes from within and enhances your individuality and personality.

I have been lucky enough in my career to be involved in so many wonderful things, each of them induced with my own distinct personal flair and style. From hospitality, where I ran and owned cafes and restaurants in the Blue Mountains, to Real Estate where I serviced some of the East's most luxurious coastal and city fringe properties, and even to some stints in fashion - including my current projects as owner of two beautiful Franck Provost Paris Hair salons in Sydney's exclusive suburbs of Paddington and Double Bay. But no matter where I'm placed or what I'm doing I'm sure to be delivering style with entrepreneurial flair!

During our time together I hope you will enjoy some of the things I share with you and certainly my snippets of style covering things as wide and varied as fashion, beauty, hair, interiors, property, restaurants, bars, events and more! But don't forget there's always one key ingredient linking them together - you guessed it, STYLE!

I also hope you will get a chance to know me - i'm blessed to live in one of Sydney's most exciting city fringe locations in Darlinghurst… Famous for its (life)STYLE, I can attest to having a wonderful and diverse experience here each day of the week. It's also wonderful to be so close to the city and yet only a hop, skip and a jump to the beach, or even to the country where I visit family regularly.

Along the way you will also get to meet my own little family, including my beautiful son Danté (who typifies style in every way), my loving partner and also my gorgeous little chihuahua who this years turns 15!!!!!~ and she's been along for the ride through all my different businesses, careers and even homes! I love them all dearly and we certainly have a great time together enjoying this wonderful city.

So once again it's great to meet you all - I hope you will find my blogs interesting, enriching and entertaining. Please feel free to make contact and any feedbacks or requests are always welcome!

In closing remember my ethos - "style" is not how you choose to be - its is how you are! And true style manifests itself in the way you live your life through & through.

Enjoy !

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