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Top 5 Sydney Burgers

Photo: Permitted thanks to Chur Burger

A fantastic variety of burgers is found in Sydney, proving burger creativity is well and truly on offer in Australia’s tourist capital. Burgers are still ever popular and chefs are getting more inventive with their delicious creations set inside those two buns. After taking a sample vote from a group of commercial drivers, including, Sydney Removalist drivers from Men That Move Removalists who are on the roads in Sydney every day and eating burgers weekly; the best burgers in Sydney seem to have stepped up a notch in their style. No longer are only the fancy burgers with exotic mushrooms sandwiched between expensive cheese and an unpronounceable relish made from beetroot sought after. We want the good old fashioned meat patties with melty, oozy cheese.

Photo: Damien Men That Move

Jack Newtons Meat Pattie

Take Jacks Newton burgers for example. With their meat patties made from an 80-20 meat to fat ratio, it make their burgers a fine mix of juicy meat, taste bud zinging sauce, melty-moorish cheese all bordered by the most amazing American style, fall apart bun. This joint is a Friday night; bring in the weekend favourite by our sample group of workers. Better for dinner than a quick lunch if on a time crunch during the day. Get down to Newtown and find this joint jostling with burger lovers from all over the world.

Parlour Burger - Black Widow Burger

Somewhere worth stopping buy for a quick burger around the $10 mark is Parlour Burger, part of The Morrison Bar & Oyster Room. Located on George Street and close to Circular Quay, here you can find the aptly maned Black Widow Burger. Named for its blackened, charcoal coloured buns. Perhaps the burger itself has been burnt by the fiery jalapeno chilli found inside this insanely enjoyable ground beef bun.

Moo Gourmet Burgers – Haloumi Burger

For the people that have dietary requirements like gluten free or vegetarian, burgers that are no less amazing and delicious than their wheat and meat counterparts can be found at Moo Gourmet Burgers. Located across four locations; Bondi Beach, Newtown, Coogee and Manly, their menu includes a grilled haloumi burger. This burger is gluten free and vegetarian and absolutely delicious. A textural and classy burger made up with avocado puree, tomato, caramelised onion and rocket, with the star being it’s grilled to perfection haloumi.

Photo: Permitted Moo Burger

Chur Burger – Pulled Pork Burger

Chur burger found in the back streets of Surry Hills provides pork lovers with a melt in the mouth pulled pork burger covered in BBQ sauce. The burger comes with red slaw and fennel mayo to showcase the smoky flavours found inside this tasty treat. At around $12, this burger proves popular as a regular lunchtime favourite.

The Norfolk – Fried Chicken Burger

Who doesn’t love fried chicken? And to find this crunchy goodness nestled between sauces of chipotle and salsa is pure heaven on a bun. For connoisseurs of burgers this fried chicken burger is a must to check of your bun list. The combination of crunch, sweet and salty goodness makes this truly a burger to salivate all your senses. Scoring highly with our sample group this burger is the one of the best in chicken varieties to be found in Sydney. A burger crawl of Surry Hills should be in order, as this fried chicken star is also found in this bun loving location.

So there you have it. A list that covers all the cornerstones of the burger religion; beef, cheese, hot sauce, chicken, pork, vegetarian and wild coloured buns. Make sure you check out all the burgers on the list and don’t worry if you are vegetarian. Each joint makes crazy-beautiful chips and milkshakes. But to list them another day. Right now I feel the need to eat a burger or five…

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