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Where to Eat Indian in Sydney: Try Delhi By The Way in Potts Point

I recently attended a media launch at Delhi By The Way in Kellett Street, Potts Point. The restaurant is just around the corner from where I live and I've been meaning to pop in for ages and say hi. Kellett Street is turning into a trendy wine bar area now; it's a leafy street and was once quite notorious in days gone by.

I really like the decor at Delhi By The Way, it's a clean and fresh looking restaurant and this photo (above) I took of one of the rooms shows a tree adding a bit of a feature to it.

We were upstairs, a group of around 20 of us, to share some food and enjoy fantastic entertainment "Journey to Zanzibar" with different instruments including Saxophone, Flute, Cajon, Darbuka and Shakers performed by Maharishi and Emanuel Lieberfreund.

As well a number of us joined in for some Bollywood dancing lessons by @viviemira which was a lot of fun.

The winner for me was one of the first dishes; chicken and vegetable samosa. These were a generous serving, and I think I could have had two of them and been quite content....however there was a lot more food on the menu, so I decided to take it easy on the Samosas.

The Paneer Tikka was fantastic. This cheese has nice flavouring (not too hot) and a great texture.

Aloo Tikka Chaat, this is an Indian street food which is spicy and tangy.

The Tandoori lamb chops were a little spicy for me so the serving of mint helped calm that down a bit. The lamb was tender.

The Garlic Prawns were my second favourite on the menu, these were not overwhelming in garlic.

Then came the curries! So much to choose from! If you like spicy than the goat is the one to go for. I enjoyed the Butter Chicken.

My verdict: If you are looking for an authentic Indian restaurant in Sydney, then Delhi by The Way is a winner. Great service, fabulous spices and the restaurant beautifully decorated. I love the room out the back (photo above) and in summer seating outside would be great.

I can't comment on the desserts because I had done my fair share of eating by now, however my colleagues were raving about them.

Susheel Kumar and his lovely wife have certainly brought a very classy Indian restaurant to Sydney.

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