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Dry July 2016 - Game On!

I'm a party girl! Always have been, and in this type of work it's hard not to be. So when I was invited to try a Mocktail Class with Fast Ed (Ed Halmagyi) at Manta Restaurant, I was more than happy to go along to support the cause. Support by social media that is; I had no intention of actually signing up.

When I met Ed he told me that he doesn't find it hard to get through Dry July, and explained more about the fundraising aspect of it. As I listened to where the money goes something struck a cord with me.......basically the aim is to help cancer patients with everyday needs as they go through treatment such as...Wi Fi access, mobile phone chargers, somewhere to stay near the hospital, assistance in getting to treatments, complementary therapies, wigs and massages, plus a lot more.

As I listened to this, it was like a bomb hit me and I questioned myself; "Seriously Deb, you can't go one month without drinking yet thousands of people suffering from cancer have no choice but to endure gruelling treatments and live on hope?" I decided to sign up right then.

Sodastream are one of the major sponsors, and luckily I've already been making my own sparkling water for a while now, and have found a fun way to keep hydrated and make some pretty nice drinks. Ed made us some fabulous Mocktails so I'm eager to make them myself...I've already tried a couple at home.

I was also given a few bottles of Erdinger Alkoholfrei Beer (0.13 standard drinks) to try as a substitute for not drinking alcohol. I decided I'd better open a bottle as I'm typing this, and I'm not a beer drinker. So my verdict? It's actually quite nice and as I said, I don't often drink beer.

When I announced on Facebook that I had signed up for Dry July I was surprised to get a bit of a hard time from some of my friends, which funnily enough made me more determined to participate. I can honestly say I instantly formed a belief in my head that I will breeze through Dry July and I'm looking forward to the amazing benefits: clearer skin, lose some weight, clear mind and a sense of achievement that I've done something good for someone else, as well as myself.

So if you can spare a few dollars my Dry July Fundraising page is here.

Ambassadors for Dry July:

Adam Spencer

Fast Ed

Roy Billing

Dan Sultan

Maz Compton

Sam Wood

Dr Chris Beer

If you want to join in for a month off the booze and raise money to help others and feel you might need a night off for a special occasion, you can always get someone to purchase a Golden Ticket for you for just $25.

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