Have you ever thought of wine as an investment?

Have you ever thought of wine as an investment? Well it could be worth you taking a trip to one of the 14 wine regions in New South Wales or you get very serious and invest in the 2015 Bordeaux En Primeur. According to wine tasting expert Andrew Caillard M.W. who produced a report for Langtons; conditions have been perfect and everything suggests that 2015 will be a great year for Europe’s wine, maybe one of the greatest ever.

If you are wondering what ‘En Primeur’ actually is, think of investing in Futures. You are purchasing the wine a few years before it is released when it is still in the barrel. Now if you think that’s the investment for you then you might want to check out, Langtons because they are giving people the opportunity to secure the vintage wines before they are officially released into the market in 2018. This may be the only opportunity to secure these vintage wines at all, so could be lucrative. However, if wine auctions are not for you, and futures investing sounds a little scary, then you can always drive around New South Wales fourteen wine regions and talk to the wine experts when you are there.


The Cowra region is situation in the warm fertile Lachlan Valley of NSW, and the locals wine growers practice sustainable winemaking. The region's mature high quality vines produce rich flavoursome chardonnay.

The Hunter Valley is Australia's oldest and most visited wine region and the place to buy semillon, a wine making technique developed over 150 years of winemaking.

New England boasts a high altitude and cool-climate wine region with vineyards along the Great Dividing Range and a warmer climate grape growing region on the New England tablelands. Its high altitude and cool-climate makes New England perfect for Riesling.

The Canberra District is around Bungedore, Lake George, Murrumbateman and Yass and has a similar climate to Frances Rhône Valley, producing superb shiraz and shiraz viognier blends.

Orange has high altitude vineyards producing a wide range of both red and white varieties including chardonnay, sauvignon blanc and riesling. The local winemakers like to create blends of wines made from grapes grown within different soils and elevations.

If it’s chardonnay and pinot noir that takes your fancy than the vineyards in the Tumbarumba district is the place to visit. It’s New South Wales coolest wine growing region with the first vines planted in 1982.

If you are thinking French then visit the Shoalhaven Coast region for chambourcin, a French red wine hybrid variety. The area is about two hours from Sydney and is a popular tourist attraction.

The Riverina is New South Wales largest wine producing region, known for Botrytis semillon however, despite the large are this special wine is a small scale production.

Vineyards in the Hastings River Hinterland region, around Port Macquarie and Wauchope, is where you go for chambourcin, chardonnay, verdelho, semillon and merlot.

Mudgee is the third largest grape-producing region in NSW and has a history of winemaking going back to the 1850’s. Local grape production is focused on red varieties, with the regions shiraz and cabernet sauvignon varietals receiving ongoing acclaim.

Think Pinot noir and pinot gris when you visit the Southern Highlands. The region is known for winning some prestigious awards so this is a district worth looking into to, plus it’s not too far from Sydney.

In the cool climate of Hilltops is where you will find cabernet sauvignon. Situated on the south-west slopes of the Great Diving Range it’s quite a small region with the first plantings in the 1860’s. Hilltops is part of the Murray-Darling Basin and includes the shires of Boorowa, Harden and Young.

For lovers of Shiraz, the Perricoota wine region is the place to go however it’s a bit a trek from Sydney as it is close the Victorian border, 800km south west of Sydney, and is one of the smaller regions.

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