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Sydney Restaurant Review | Silom Soi Song Darlinghurst

Sydney Chic was invited to join Silom Soi Song in Darlinghurst for a tasting night of their new menu. So I attended along with my friend, Leo Pimpa.

First thing I noticed at this restaurant was the warm and friendly greeting by the team. We were seated at long tables enabling us the opportunity to meet new friends.

Now tasting is an understatement; we were treated to a number of amazing dishes which I will run through now. Note: if you like Chilli you will love the dishes on this Lao tasting menu.

Nam Kao - Traditional crispy rice salad combined with preserved pork, fresh herbs and roasted peanuts and this was a lovely refreshing dish (I did discard the chilli), the dish was served so you could wrap it around the lettuce leaf, which Leo and I did for easy eating. Beautiful combination of flavours.

Yum Tien Gai - cold chicken feet salad with flavour accents of sweet, sour and spicy, made with various herbs and spices. Now listen up, the thought of chicken feet is enough to make me run a mile, however, encouraged by my companions, I was convinced to give this little spoonful a try. There was no hint of chicken feet (or what I would imagine they taste like) and it was indeed a nice combination and flavoursome. I was pleasantly surprised.

Lao Sausage - traditional savoury / umami flavoured sausages, blended with Silom Soi Song's special spices. A flavoursome sausage with a nice glaze. As is my usual habit, I discarded the chilli!

BBQ Ox Tongue marinated slowly to create deliciously subtle flavours served with homemade chilli sauce. No amount of persuasion was going to get me to eat ox tongue, but I can assure you the three boys surrounding me adored this dish and raved about the texture and flavour, and one of them also ate my serve.

Dried Beef/Pork - deep fried marinated slowly to create Lao style beef jerky. This was a colourful dish with very interesting texture and flavours. The salad was a nice match.

Larb - minced beef, sauteed with fresh herbs, chilli and grounded rice. This traditional dish a favourite with many and I enjoyed this one, again I wrapped it up in the lettuce leaf. Many of these dishes had lovely herbs like mint and lemongrass.

Thai baked egg custard - with coconut and pandang jelly. A lovely traditional Asian dessert which was perfect to end the night's dining.

The restaurant is a delightful intimate little venue on Oxford Street, with some beautiful art on the walls. The staff are friendly and efficient and I'd like to thank Silom Soi Song for having Sydney Chic as their guests for this lovely evening of good company, exotic flavours and lovingly made food.

Pictured: Our host Arlang and staff (left) and Deb and Leo (right).

139 Oxford st Darlinghurst, NSW 2010 02 9331 3935

Closed Tuesdays

BYO Wine Only

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