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Hacienda Sydney and 'Hacienda Hijinks'

Hacienda Sydney

Photo: Sydney Event Blogger

I love a bar opening and last week was the highly anticipated launch of new vista bar Hacienda Sydney. Inspired by the grand plantation architecture of Cuba, mixed with the lux yet playful modern vintage hotels of 1950’s Miami, Hacienda, situated in the Pullman Quay Grand Sydney Harbour, is a botanical oasis overlooking Sydney’s iconic harbour!

200 or so guests attended the cocktail style evening, including top media and celebrities. It was a veritable who's who of fashion and stylistas in every corner of the room as well as Sydney's party set enjoying the seemingly limitless Veuve Clicquot whilst enjoying spectacular views of Sydney Harbour.

Hacienda Sydney

Photo Guy Davies

For your Sydney Style Editor the night began with a comedy of errors! After getting changed three times (as you do!) and changing wallets each time I finally set out from my apartment on Oxford Street, late as always to meet my date (Editor in Chief Deb Carr) who is always punctual! So I find myself in surely one of Sydney's worst smelling cabs - think musky tones with nuances of stale food. It's lucky I could hold my wrist to my nose and enjoy the smell of my Issy Miyake as I ring Deb to let her know that I'm on the way.

Isn't it funny thought that when you're late and you can barely breathe in this horrible taxi that's when the traffic is at its very worst. Still I finally arrive down to Pullman Grand and then I go to pay, only to realise that in my haste to get out the door and avoid the judgement of Matriarch Carr, I'd picked up the wrong wallet and it was indeed EMPTY. Panic, crisis, embarrassment ensued - quick call Deb. It was not my most stylish moment as I had to have her rescue me from the throes of angst in this rotting tomb of a taxi and shell out the money for my ride. Worst still was when I did gather myself to make my belated "fashionable entrance" I realise that Deb had told all of the hostesses on the door that I had no money and she needed to go fetch me!

Photo Sydney Event Blogger

Well my face was the colour of my cherry red Calibre blazer, but any true Style Man knows how to make it work or in the words of my mentor, "spin it to win it"...

All of these fun and games aside, after the first glass of beautifully chilled Veuve I was ready to party and I was instantly inspired by the chic glamour of this buzzing venue.

Photo Guy Davies

With panoramic views of the city and Sydney Harbour, and an interior with subtle botanical and lux-vintage Latin American themes, Hacienda has an emphasis on sharp service, delicious food and a stylish drinks selection in a truly unique Sydney setting.

In the end Deb and I had a fabulous evening and looked even better (see our pics with @sydney_style_man wearing Calibre Australia and Deb looking divine as always in a flowing floral number by Leona Edmiston, her favourite designer). We ran into many of our good friends on the night and in particular it was lovely to catch up with TV Presenter and the Salvation Army's own @fayedelanty and her cool sidekick security hubby Jimmy (pictured below), both as always looking resplendently recycled, along with @sydneyeventblogger snapping away as she does, and @phoebes_garland who impressed me to no end with her fashion savvy review of my outfit on the night!

Faye De Lanty

Photo: Guy Davies

Also a special mention to the enigmatic hostess with the mostess manageress Cleo (pictured below) who couldn't have been more hospitable and is clearly very passionate about her project and bar offering. Cleo's style itself is a worthy of a mention - all in black chiffon and rocking a bleach blonde quiff undercut hairstyle to envy she commanded attention no matter where she floated in the room.

Cleo Manager Hacienda Sydney

The party continued far too late as some parties do, and we found ourselves chatting to someone about all things social media. Deb, who by this time was well and truly warmed up couldn't sense my boredom from the drone of this conversation and she persisted to keep asking him questions. At this time she seriously reminded me of my mum who's nicknamed 20 questions Jan! At one point I think I reached under the table to tap her on the leg and give her the sign that it was time to "exit stage left." Instead I think I grabbed the guy’s leg, which only further intensified his interest in us - Yeek!

Photo: Guy Davies

But just then as all seemed hopeless, we couldn't have hoped for a nicer finish save, than when even after the event had ended and the bottles of champagne dissipated, a warm friendly stranger from interstate entered and approached us immediately. He was a kind faced young man in town on business and staying in the hotel. Clearly feeling a little lonely upstairs he'd headed down to Hacienda not realising it was the opening night soiree. Still as always your Sydney duo Glen and Deb could never turn away a stranger in need - instead we offered him to join us.... if of course, he was happy to buy us one more bottle of Veuve from the bar! Done, and he obliged instantly. When the last drop of beautiful French champagne was gone I quickly suggested that Deb and I head to our respective homes and unfortunately our new friend was left alone.

It was a full moon that night, and when we finally fled and headed for home (yes Deb paid again but the taxi smelt much nicer this time) your Style Editor reflected on the crazy night that was and realised that this was no ordinary venue - its a place of "Hacienda Hijinks" and good times.

Check it out and in the meantime stay stylish and have fun!


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