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Check Out Modern Family Series 7 Released on DVD

I was lucky enough to get a preview of the Modern Family Series 7 DVD collection prior to its official release. Like many, I'm a huge fan of this series. It might be my imagination but I actually see it both as 'politically correct' and 'not politically correct' and personally I love the latter!

There are so many good things about this series that I'm not sure where to start but I'll go with the Dunphy's. It's the usual shenanigans with this family. The ever loving and patient Phil fitting in with Claire's new role as CEO of her dad's cupboard business now that he has retired. As Claire struggles to prove she's a supermum and kick-ass CEO, Phil has his own problems now trying to fit in with the other spoilt 'housewives'.

Next is my favourite family: Lily, Mitch and Cameron. I've really warmed to Lily in this series, she is witty and so blunt that you can't help but laugh. As usual Mitch and Cameron have their typical issues with being same sex fathers. This scene where they are having bike lessons is hilarious with Lily telling her dad's exactly how she feels about it all.

Now back to the Dunphy's, and I have one word 'infidelity'. Claire and Phil become suspicious of each other although both incidents end up a big misunderstanding, however there is another infidelity that occurs in this family, and it's with our little vixen, Haley, and her ex-fiancee. Meanwhile Alex struggles to cope with living on College Campus and her dislike of all things partying. Luke has grown up a lot now and his interest in girls is very obvious. Watch out for the train scene during the series.

The Pritchett's continued to amuse me during the series. I love how Ed is so 'to the point' and how he is married to this gorgeous feisty woman who gives as good as she gets. Gloria shares a family secret recipe and creates her own sauce range, which ends up selling in the local supermarket, however not all goes well. There is competition and her marketing idea of a cutout figure of herself blowing a kiss causes all sort of problems for Ed.

Manny continues to be the nicest and practical young man in the family and little Joe comes out with some funny lines with great delivery. Ed of course still has the dog who has since got a little, shall we say, Porky!

I have to say, I laughed so much at some of the scenes. I watched the whole series in just 3 nights!

Season 7 of the Emmy Award winning comedy Modern Family is back with more laughs than ever before – own it on DVD August 31.

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