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Style Tips for Father's Day

Fathers Day Guide

With Father's Day upon us I wanted to share with you our little family ritual for the special day along with my own style tips and last minute gift ideas.

I'm so fortunate to have two very cute and avid little shoppers for me this year enthusiastically seeking out "daddy's special present," So with the same enthusiasm and gusto I'll also pass on my special Father's Day gift wish list and a few gift ideas.

For us part of the fun is in the secret shopping so it's with delight that I hear my beautiful partner Leo whispering in little Dante's ear that it's time to go shopping and get something special for Daddy. And in Sydney there's nothing more special than a little shopping expedition to David Jones.

We love heading down to David Jones in the city (Market and Elizabeth Street). There's just something resplendent, atmospheric and down right "special" about it and we always find the service impeccable. Especially when we all head down together! David Jones in the CBD (Market and Elizabeth Sts) really is a special place - steeped in history it is utterly an undeniably shoppers emporium of all things fabulous and stylish to boot.

David Jones Oyster Bar

Before embarking on the shopping expedition we decide to fuel the body and head to the DJ's Market food hall. Dante loves to order a little cheese plate - the staff clearly are in awe of how cute he is and can't believe it when he requests French triple cream brie, muscatels, red jelly paste (aka Quince haha), cheddar and some crackers ... You can see they think he's cute but its like they really enjoy putting it together for this "little man". For Leo and I it's Moet and oysters with Testuya dressing at the Oyster Bar. Again, the kind and charming old Chinese lady is besotted by this beautiful little picture in front of her. Anyhow, we just find it pure luxury to sit there and debrief about our day and make plans for our shopping and then our night ahead.

Being already near the menswear department I make an excuse to disappear just for a few moments while the duo do their secret shopping. I managed to try on a very cool fedora whilst I was browsing on my own. I don't usually like to wear hats but I think this one looked really cool - see the pic attached!

Sydney Style Man

David Jones is so full of luxury fashion items and accessories, from hats and glasses to wallets and cufflinks, and of course a wide selection of designer perfumes and the best of skin care. It's again a credit to the way the store operates that there is always someone available to offer you a sample, or show you something from the cabinets. I'm a tactile shopper who likes to not only see, but also touch, feel and smell an item before I buy it.

I always have a wish list that seems to be ongoing and constantly getting reevaluated and updated. So this year some of the items on the list include perfume (Paco Rabanne Invictus), an amazing green leather Hugo Boss carry satchel (definitely have to save up for that one), a blue leather clutch embossed with my own initials from The Daily Edition stand with matching iPhone cover (love this whole concept) and also some great floral swim/beach shorts by American Apparel - perfect for taking me from beach to bar in the warmer months approaching. I also spotted, and believe me its a long term wish list item but a fabulous brown leather Chesterfield sofa ! You have to admit DJ's certainly has it all.

So I'm enjoying my little wander around but I wonder how the secret mission is going for the other two. It's not long and I get a call to say they've completed their task. I can't wait to see now on Sunday what my little gift would be but in the meantime the pleasure for me all in the process.

Thanks David Jones for yet another lovely little shopping experience for me and my little family. As we all leave I know that I'm already look forward to my next visit!

Sydney Lifestyle

So to all the Dad's out there from all the different types of families, Happy Fathers Day from Sydney Chic. If your'e looking for ideas on where to take Dad on Fathers Day, we love a champagne brunch over at Bather's Pavilion on Balmoral Beach (4 The Esplanade, Mosman NSW 2088 Phone: (02) 9969 5050 For lunch, why not enjoy the best of Bondi with a table perched overlooking the ocean basked in sun at Icebergs Dining Room in Bondi (1 Notts Avenue Bondi Beach, 93659000, or for a lovely little dinner I'm never disappointed by one of my all time favourite spots China Doll for their fantastic degustation, filled with zesty, spicy and wickedly delicious Chinese delights (4/6 Cowper Wharf Rd, Woolloomooloo, 93806744,

Eat, drink, love, be merry and enjoy this day to show your Father how special he is or if you're a Dad like me, relish the chance to have your child around you and to see the joy in their face as show you how special you are to them!

Whatever you do for Father's Day, be sure to do it in Style!

Glen x

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