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Airline Review: Thai Airways

Thai Airways Review

I watched three movies on my journey to and from Bangkok. They were:

  • The Conjuring

  • The Conjuring 2

  • Independence Day Resurgence

Stop right now! I'm not whacko, I just like movies that take me out of my every day reality to some futuristic or ridiculous event. Thank you Thai Airways for providing me this entertainment on my trip to Siam@Siam Designer Hotel in Bangkok. Flight entertainment on long flights is essential for passing time and Thai Airways offer a great range of inflight movies, TV and other information.

Cards on the table: I am not going to report that flying is glamorous. Economy is not glamorous. I have flown many Business Class international flights and they were only slightly glam. The truth is long distance flying is not fun. However, depending on the airline, it's the little things make a big difference and 'up' the glam status.

My check-in procedure with Thai Airways was flawless both to and from Bangkok. Yes, a queue but that progressed quickly. Before I knew it I was past customs and in the Sydney International Airport Depatures without fuss.

The boarding was very organised. Rows were strictly boarded and it was done within 20 minutes.

We took off on time (by the way my brother is an international pilot so I get the drill about flying)......and as soon as that seat belt sign went off it was not long before a wine was in my hand.

Thai Airways Review

Then came dinner. Now I am not going to pretend the food was out of this world.. airline food is mass produced under strict controls, but it is not, and never will be restaurant quality. Maybe First and Business Class but not Economy! Thai Airways cater for both Australian and Thai tastes.

Thai Airways Review

Totally sorry for bad photography; taking a pic in the dark with the plane moving and trying to avoid the other passengers questioning looks of "why on earth is she taking pictures of the food?" isn't easy.

The seating is comfortable on Thai Airways Economy and a blanket and pillow is provided. I've flown some airlines where you literally have to beg for such creature comforts.

After dinner the lights dimmed, however the Flight Attendants were quick to please if anyone had requests for more drinks etc. On both my trips to and from Sydney my headphones only had audio in the left ear. As soon as I asked for a replacement this happened within a minute.

I must also point out, I found the Flight Attendants a little 'serious' but then I respected that their Beloved King had recently passed away within days, and even though we in the West might not understand their grief, I can assure you from my Thai friends, it is if they just lost their father. Remember when you fly to another country; you respect their culture.

My trip back to Sydney on Thai Airways Economy was more than I expected. Picture this: Middle age cranky tired blogger working on her laptop at Bangkok Departures, surrounded by many people including rowdy children. She keeps thinking to herself "this is going to be a nightmare trip" .... it turned out to be a great trip back. No screaming kids, no problems, everyone relaxed.......Maybe that's just the skill of the Thai Airways staff. Another thing I liked was an announcement that there would be zero tolerance of drunkenness and there wasn't one rowdy or drunk person on both flights.

Bottom line is if you are flying to Thailand with the Country's National Carrier.



Thai Airways generously gave me extra seats beside me and express boarding. Please read Sydney Chic's full DISCLAIMER.

Thanks to Roam Resorts.

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