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Best Fishing Spots In Australia For The Perfect Weekend Away

Fishing in Australia is more than just a pastime; it is a way of life. Luckily, being entirely surrounded by water means that Australia is not short of top-quality fishing spots to try your luck. 

Whether you are after the perfect trout or hope to finally reel in a prized giant marlin, there is no better time than now to pack your lucky fishing flannel shirts and head off for the ultimate fishing weekend with your closest friends. 


Lake Eucumbene, New South Wales

Across Australia, you are unlikely to find a better setting for fishing than the clear lake found at the heart of the Snowy Mountains. Lake Eucumbene is a haven for trout fishing, with an unmatched scenic landscape acting as the perfect backdrop. 

The large body of water contains multiple trout varieties, including brown, rainbow and brook, offering plenty of opportunities to get yourself a great catch. Fishing is permitted here for the majority of the year, except for the winter months, as this is the natural breeding season for trout and many other species across the area. 

Port Lincoln, South Australia

Port Lincoln advertises itself as the seafood capital of Australia, drawing in fishing fanatics and seafood lovers alike from every corner of Australia. Thanks to the perfect blend of the Bass Strait and the Great Bight, plenty of interesting and exciting types of fish are found in these waters. 

The abundant species is the Bluefin tuna, which swarms the area in large numbers from January until May. Alongside tuna, Kingfish is a particularly popular fish species, mainly during the later months of the year. 

kakadu National Park

Kakadu, Northern Territory

The Kakadu National Park is thought to be Australia’s purest wildlife area. It boasts a range of fishing options for visitors to enjoy, including a large amount of billabongs and river estuaries to explore. 

The area is best known for its barramundi, with some of the biggest and best quality examples of its type found in these waters. Due to its profound historical significance, there is a large push for sustainable fishing, with important rules and regulations in place to ensure the fish population continues to thrive. 

Derwent Valley, Tasmania

Travelling inland from the city of Hobart, Tasmania's sprawling and hilly landscape provides the ideal access point to a handful of fish-filled lakes in the region. With numerous channels connecting many of these bodies of water, fly fishermen will feel like they have stumbled into a dream. The rivers and lakes surrounding the small country town of Maydena are brimming with trout and salmon just waiting to be reeled in. 

Thanks to the extensive landscape that extends into the Tasmanian wilderness and numerous well-placed campgrounds, it is the perfect weekend escape to enjoy relaxed and peaceful days of fishing with little to no crowds. 

Queenscliff, Victoria

Ideally nestled at the end of the Bellarine Peninsula, Queenscliff is naturally made to facilitate a host of water-based activities, including fishing. Bordered by Port Phillip and the Bass Strait, dozens of fish species are waiting to be discovered. 

A trip into the Bass Strait could see you snagging a mako shark or bronze whaler, should the conditions be suitable. However, many of Victoria’s regular residents, including snapper, swordfish and whiting, can be easily caught from the comfort of the town’s famous wooden pier. 

Marlin jumping out of water

Cairns, Queensland

Thanks to the warm waters of the Coral Sea surrounding the area, Cairns is a fantastic location to try your hand at catching exotic fish. The region is well-known for attracting giant marlin, which will give even the most experienced angler a tough fight. 

Due to its close location to the world-famous Great Barrier Reef, an excursion out into the open water opens up the possibility of seeing and winding in more tropical species, including mahi-mahi, wahoo or even the occasional barracuda. 

Exmouth Western Australia

Exmouth, Western Australia

Exmouth, located in western Australia, is quickly gaining a favourable reputation among fishing fanatics thanks to having the World Heritage-Listed Nigallo Reef right on its doorstep. The crystal clear waters of the warm Indian Ocean create the perfect environment to witness a vast selection of colourful fish, ranging from queenfish to sailfish and spearfish. 

The best time of year to visit is from March to October, as visitors will have the chance to spot whale sharks swimming in the region. Despite being a two-and-a-half-hour flight from Perth, Exmouth is a must-visit fishing spot. 

Tiwi Islands, Northern Territory

When you travel beyond the northern city of Darwin, you will stumble across the Tiwi Islands, a remote group of islands that appear to be forgotten by civilisation. Because the area has experienced little human intervention, it has transformed into a slice of paradise for fishing enthusiasts, with crystal clear lagoons and soothing warm water building the perfect home for many exotic fish species. 

Visitors to these islands will get their shot at barramundi, saratoga, golden snapper, grouper and large marlins. The region is only accessible by plane, guaranteeing that you will not be met with overwhelming crowds. Furthermore, the local indigenous residents are more than happy to help you avoid any dangerous threats that may be lurking, including stingers and crocodiles. 


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