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Want to Beat The Christmas Shopping Crowds? Try 24Hour Shopping at Kmart Southgate

Kmart Southgate

I think I must be one of the rarest women in the world because I actually do not enjoy shopping! Not even for clothes. I especially don't like Christmas crowds or shopping either so when I found out that Kmart in Southgate actually opens 24 hours a day I was pretty impressed. What better way than to Christmas shop at midnight when everyone else in is bed? These hours are not just for the Christmas rush either; its 24hrs all year except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year's Eve (reduced), Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Kmart is a great store for essential items, and I have recently bought myself a few things plus some stocking fillers for Christmas. The bag above is a great beach bag but equally good for grocery shopping! It's strong and fits a lot in it. In fact on my shopping spree I bought some exercise equipment (below) and carried it in the bag with no trouble. For $15 it's a bargain.

Weight training equipment for home

Speaking of the exercise equipment. I've decided that to go with the new hair I'll be getting a new body for the new year so bought some resistance bands, a 4kg kettlebell weight and a suspension trainer all for $38! The only thing I neglected to think about was where will I actually hang the suspension trainer? Maybe it's the blonde...just kidding blondies, I'm one now too!

Kmart Underwear and socks

I also picked up some stocking fillers for Christmas in the Undies and Socks department. Yes I know, buying undies and socks is very old school, but hey we all need them and this lot above cost me $53 for 9 pairs of knickers, 3 bras and 12 pairs of socks.

For those in the area on the 15th you will be able to witness three lucky kids go for a 90 second Toy dash with a chance to win up to $1000 worth of toys each. More Information.

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