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Invest in Quality Classic Styles for Your Office Wardrobe

When it comes to looking stylish in the office it's best to start making a collection of good quality mix and match items that can be used to create a number of different outfits.

My New Year's resolution is to ditch all the clothing that is mismatched in my wardrobe and build a collection of beautiful designer pieces such as the styles above.

Sure it may cost a couple of thousand dollars but if you buy items that will last and can create different outfits, your wardrobe worry days will be over, and you will have a good quality clothing that will last many years.

Personally, I like classic and elegant styles such as these that I have featured in this post. I have chosen them because most of them can mix and match. The three skirts with the black jacket make three different stylish outfits.

From left to right:

To build on the collection invest in another jacket that would match with a couple of the skirts and a dress that can also be worn with the jacket. Slowly building up your wardrobe of good quality designer pieces.

As you build your new wardrobe also invest in good quality essentials and accessories.

By keeping to neutral colours and then adding a splash of colour with accessories or a top you will be able to make many different combinations.

For more information on sorting out your wardrobe I recommend reading "The Capsule Wadrobe" by Wendy Mak. This book gives great advice on to how to clear out your wardrobe and replacing it with 30 pieces to make 1,000 outfits. The Capsule Wardrobe has illustrations and a list at the back of how to make 1,000 outfits from 30 pieces.

The Capsule Wardrobe

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