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Tropfest Parramatta - Pick Your Patch

Image: Parramatta Park by Mark Rogers

This year, Tropfest Australia is making the bold - and exciting - move to the gorgeous Parramatta Park.

Starting at Tropicana Caffe in Darlinghurst, Sydney, Tropfest has grown to become Australia's much-loved and free annual gathering of film lovers. Over the years, as more and more people discovered this uniquely Australian event, that has been seen in venues around Sydney - from Rushcutters Bay Park to The Domain to Centennial Park. Tropfest has also packed out venues around the world including in the USA, South East Asia and the Middle East!

Image supplied.

This is a free event open to everyone but for those who want to avoid wrestling with the crowds, and arrive much closer to 'show time', for the first time ever Tropfest are introducing 'Pick Your Patch' a way to reserve a premium patch of grass (and a chair) with great views of the screens, access to great bars and loads of other perks. Arrive when you like, knowing that your perfect spot will be ready and waiting for you! For an even better experience, you can pre-order a delicious hamper to enjoy. Plus, to celebrate Tropfest's 25th Birthday, there will be special, limited edition merchandise only available to Patch guests.

Tropfest Parramatta Park

Image Supplied

There are two reserved areas to choose from. The "South Patch" gives you a reserved seat with all the trimmings and "North Patch" adds a little more comfort and will have your perched on a natural slope giving you birds eye view of this year's festivities.

So get in now, pick your patch and enjoy Tropfest like you never have before!

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