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Central Park Mall Sydney Offers Cheapest Lunch Ever - Plus You Help Foodbank

Central Park Mall Sydney

Central Park Mall has partnered with Foodbank NSW & ACT to give a free lunch from February 13 to 26, between 11am and 3pm. But you have to do something small in return for the generosity and that is provide a gold coin donation to Foodbank and sign up to the email newsletter in the centre. Then go and select from menu items provided by the level 2 food court retailers.

There's no shortage of food to choose from at Central Park Mall’s food court which is comprised of 12 QSRs including SumoSalad and Guzman y Gomez, with a restaurant offering from Din Tai Fung and Sushizilla sushi train. This food offering has recently been complemented by the opening of Soul Origin on the ground floor.

The partnership between Central Park Mall and Foodbank NSW & ACT aims to drive awareness of the hidden hunger crisis in Australia which has affected 1 in 6 people in the last 12 months.

Imagine not being able to feed your family? This is why Foodbank NSW & ACT assists more than 81,000 adults and children each month! The sad thing is that another 7,000 can't get help because of lack of food and resources.

Foodbank NSW & ACT, with the help of our incredible supporters and volunteers, work hard to deliver food to communities in need, and are appreciative to have the support of Central Park Mall customers.

Foodbank provides food to more than 3900 charities and schools, who distribute it to people in need of food relief. Providing food for up to 166,000 meals a day, Foodbank offers food relief for the 2,000,000 Australians who seek their services each year. In NSW alone, Foodbank provides 29,500 meals a day to families and individuals.

Here is the difference your donation makes: 50c provides a meal to someone in need; $1 enables Foodbank to distribute $8 worth of groceries to charities and schools; and $2 provides a meal to a family of four. All the proceeds of the free lunch, yes 100%, is going towards Foodbanks ongoing work in NSW and ACT to not only address immediate nutrition needs, but contribute to waste reduction and individuals’ improvements in health, emotional wellbeing, social relationships, and overall standard of living.

Well done Central Park Mall - this is one of Sydney's most forward thinking and innovative shopping centres as far as I'm concerned.

About Central Park Mall

Situated across the road from UTS on Broadway, Central Park Mall boasts a sun-drenched emporium, future-forward architecture, unique designs, free Wi-Fi and extended trading hours (open until 8:00pm every night). It boasts a vibrant mix of contemporary cafes, shops, restaurants, artistic space and quirky interactive elements.

About Foodbank

Foodbank is Australia’s largest food relief organisation, providing food for 166,000 meals a day to over 2,400 charities and 1,500 schools for distribution to people in need of food relief. We achieve this by working with the Australian food and grocery industry which provides surplus and donated product. We also collaborate with farmers, manufacturers, suppliers and the government on programs to produce key staple foods such as breakfast cereals, milk, pasta, canned foods and sausages. Our mission is to deliver the most food to the most Australians in need in the most efficient way.

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