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A Pop Up Burger Truck To Help Feed Homeless and Low Income People

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I receive many press releases every day and most I delete because they are not a fit to this blog or they are just blatantly after free advertorial. Yesterday I received a 'press release' but it was more of a blurb and it wasn't from a PR company, but an individual trying to do good for the community. His name is Eddie but in this post I'm referring to his stage name Triky. Triky caught my attention - a lot! I checked out his Soundcloud and then his blog! A very interesting story.

Sydney artist, Triky, is a qualified chef and an experienced dance music producer who is crowdfunding a pop up burger truck that helps feed homeless and low income people for free.

But this isn't your usual crowdfunding way; Triky is currently collecting artist royalties through streams of Triky music on platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music. Triky has vowed to dedicate the first 15 thousand dollars to opening a small burger truck that will serve competitive burgers to low income and homeless people for free. The progress is being documented on Triky's social media pages at Instagram profile @fresh_triky and on twitter @trikyentertain

So if you want to stream some great electronic music then find Triky on Spotify and Apple Music and help him help the hungry. You can check out some tracks for free below on Soundcloud.

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