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Gourmet Groceries at Eastgate Bondi Junction

If you are looking for gourmet groceries all in one place then you can't beat Eastgate at Bondi Junction. I've just got back from holidays and the fridge was pretty much empty so I headed off this morning to rectify this problem.

Eastgate Shopping Centre Bondi

First on my shopping list was a visit to Tender Gourmet Butchery. This is one of the best butchers I have ever been too, the shop is immaculate and the display cabinets are filled with a huge variety. The winner for me is the range of already prepared dishes that you can take home and just put in the oven ready to go. I purchased a pork parcel with pumpkin - you can see it in the photo at the back of the display cabinet.

I also bought a couple of homemade sausage rolls because it brought back memories of my late mother, who used to make the best sausage rolls.Tender Gourmet Butcher also stocks a huge range of gourmet sausages that are gluten free! You can also order online. They have won prize medals for their Pork Truffle & Provolone Cheese!

After visiting Tender Gourmet Butcher, I went upstairs to Habitania to buy a new salad bowl. This is a beautiful store that stocks a wide range of gorgeous kitchen items and homewares. I figure if you are cooking gourmet you need beautiful serving plates to go with it. I spent way too much time in Habitania than I should have! There are so many gorgeous things to look at. I did manage to buy a beautiful pale blue salad bowl though, which I am delighted with

Eastgate Bondi Junction

There are two greengrocers in Eastgate Bondi Junction. Harris Farm and Divine Grocer. Harris Farm of course is quite large with a huge range and the more boutique Divine Grocer stocks a range of fruit and veg, gourmet products, cheese and a salad bar. I purchased some fruit and veg along with Organic Black Pepper Corns and Premium Gourmet Food Apple Cider Vinegar (made in France). Apple Cider Vinegar has so many great uses and make a lovely dressing for salad. Divine Grocer also stocks beautiful flowers.

Next it was off to Deli Fresco. The problem here is so much to choose from! This is an award winning deli and when it comes to everything gourmet you will find it here including Fromage, Antipasti, Groceries and much more. Today they had a special on for Brie and finely shaved Prosciutto. I'm using the Prosciutto to make a pasta sauce. The Brie of course will go down nicely with a glass of Shiraz!

To take home for lunch I brought some fresh prawns from Nortaras Fish Market. The Fish Market stock a good range of fresh seafood and fish. They also do takeaway with quite an extensive menu I noticed.

Eastgate Bondi Junction has many more stores than this, including bigger chains, beauty, clothing etc. It's a convenient walk from Bondi Junction Station or parking is available in the centre.


DISCLAIMER: Thank you to Eastgate Bondi Junction for sponsoring this post. Our views on this shopping centre are from a genuine experience, and Sydney Chic has no hesitation in recommending this shopping centre to our readers.

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