Interview With Samantha Gibb on "Please Don't Turn Out the Lights" A Tribute Album to

I've been a fan of the Bee Gees for over four decades and was delighted to get the opportunity to review a new album, "Please Don't Turn Out the Lights' by their children.

On April 14th, during the 50th Anniversary of the Bee Gees, the children and younger sister of Andy, Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb are releasing a tribute album, “Please Don’t Turn Out the Lights”. The title track features the eldest child of all four brothers harmonising in a style reminiscent of their father’s.

It started with just one single, Samantha’s recording of “New York Mining Disaster 1941” with producer Lazaro Rodriguez. As members of her family listened to the track, they were eager to record their own version of their favourite Bee Gees song. Even though this family of artists is located all over the globe, they came together to make this 10 track album.

Personally, I love the album, the children seem to all of inherited their famous father's musical talents. I had a chance to ask Samantha Gibb some questions on the making of the album......

What was it like growing up with such a famous father? Growing up I didn't really think about it. My dad went to work at the studio everyday and would come home and show us new mixes of what they were working on. We just looked at it as a cool job. I think when we traveled with him, I started to understand more. Especially, on the road or when I saw people’s reaction when meeting him. I then realized he was famous. At home my dad was a Father and a Husband. My dad struggled with alcoholism so, he really went through a lot to live a more normal life and I am so grateful he did. We would have a BBQ on Saturdays and my mom would do Sunday roast dinners. We spent time together and did regular family stuff. He played paintball with his friends, went to meetings and he loved making music with his brothers. He knew what was important in life. Work hard doing something you love and having your family by your side.

Do you think most children inherit the ability to sing and create music? I think we can inherit lots of things from our parents. Definitely being able to sing and create music but also I think how our family raises us can play a huge role on how we evolve and grow as human beings. You have to work hard and have drive to be exceptionally good at anything you do in life.

How did the idea come about to create an album Please Don’t Turn Out The Lights? At the beginning of last year, my music partner, Lazaro Rodriguez and I decided to do a cover of "New York Mining Disaster 1941". We loved how it turned out and it brought forth an idea that we had wanted to do for a long time and that was to pay tribute to my dad and my uncles. We weren't sure how we were going to make it happen. I just reached out to everyone in the family and asked if they would like to contribute anything to the project and one by one, they all responded and wanted to be involved. One year later we have collected over 10 songs and created the Gibb Collective tribute album, "Please, Don't Turn Out the Lights".

What were the challenges creating this album? I think the biggest hurdle with making this tribute was gathering everything we needed to create the album. Most of the family live in different countries, cities, states plus having kids and families really does make some deadlines quite challenging. Thankfully, everyone wanted to give their best and really do their songs justice. All was worth it in the end though and it truly was a labor of love.

What were the highlights?

The biggest highlight in making this album was definitely the connection with my family. For example, my cousin Peta, Andy's daughter whom lives in Australia and I had never spoken before this past year and now it feels like we have been always connected and will continue to be forever friends. Really, catching up and sharing this project together with everyone was truly amazing and beautiful. Catching up with each other while at the same time doing something for our fathers and sharing their legacy with fans and a whole new generation was incredible.

Any plans for more albums together? We would love to create volumes for the Gibb Collective in the future. I think we all look forward to working together again and can't wait to see what more we can do with such a vast and truly inspiring catalog of music.

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