Shen Yun is a Performance You Can't Miss

Shen Yun is a performance you can't miss! I saw the show in 2015 and have to say with its breathtaking costumes, exquisite dancers and music; it's a must see! You can read the Sydney Chic review of Shen Yun here.

Shen Yun is a powerful story on Chinese culture which can’t be seen in another show or even in China. There, the Communist Party sees traditional culture as a threat to its power and for decades has tried to destroy it. Luckily that hasn't succeeded but it came close.

Shen Yun was created in 2006 by a group of elite Chinese artists in New York with a mission—to revive traditional culture and share it with the world. They share this story through Shen Yun, with a story teller, spectacular backdrops, agile dancers and martial arts.

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