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Sydney's First Bicycle Mayor Announced - Congratulations Sarah H. Imm

Bike riding Sydney

Photo: Sarah arriving for the presentation.

I am so thrilled that my friend, Sarah Imm aka Vélo-à-Porter has been announced as Sydney's first Bicycle Mayor today.

Sarah was appointed the first Bicycle Mayor of Sydney by co-founder of CycleSpace Amsterdam, Dr. Stephen Fleming at Red Lantern on Riley Street, Darlinghurst at a private function this morning.

Sarah and her family don't own a car, neither do I for that matter. Living in the inner-city there really is no need to have a car. I don't own a bike either so I walk or get the train and if I need a car I hire one. You may have seen Sarah biking around Sydney, she's not hard to miss transporting her children in a special bike with a cart and always looking glamorous! Sarah advocates for people to adapt to riding a bike without having to wear lycra!

Sarah is is uniquely qualified to effect positive change. Previously an investment banker for nineteen years, she designed risk solutions with her clients at UBS Australia, Morgan Stanley Australia, Credit Suisse Europe Ltd. (London) and Morgan Stanley & Co. (New York). Via her lifestyle blog, Vélo-à-Porter she has raised the profile of bicycling and converted more people to its benefits in Sydney and beyond including me; Sarah had me join her team for Gear Up Girls, 40km bike ride last month dressed wearing a Leona Edmiston! I did have an electric bike though!

Sarah is endorsed by two key influencers"

  • Michael Tomalaris, SBS Television broadcaster and the Australian face of the Tour de France.

  • Cell Bikes, Bicycle retailer specialising in mountain, road, fixie, urban bikes and bicycle advocacy.

Sarah will collaborate with government, press, media, corporations, bicycle advocacy groups and the people of Sydney.

As Bicycle Mayor Sarah will:

  1. Influence NSW Health, Education, Roads and Planning ministers to show how the bicycle is a solution.

  2. Act as a resource in the media to discuss the benefits of bicycling in a positive, rational and inclusive manner.

  3. Organise and publicise a series of knowledge-sharing-events (eg. Bike Buses) to encourage more people to bicycle instead of drive in Greater Sydney.

  4. Establish a selection process for the Bicycle Mayor of Sydney in 2019.

CycleSpace Amsterdam began the Global Bicycle Mayor Programme in 2016 to inspire the next billion people to choose the bicycle as their primary form of transport. The programme links a highly influential network of people who seek to broaden bicycling’s appeal. The first Bicycle Mayor of Amsterdam, Anna Luten, was appointed in 2016.


Vélo-à-Porter is a lifestyle brand whose goal is to encourage more people to bicycle for life and with style. Through fashion, food, family and fun all via the bicycle, the founder and director Sarah Imm shows how it can be done. She blogs weekly on and is the author of “How to Bicycle to Work – A Guide for Women.”

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