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How to Accessorise the Eco Way

​​​If you want to embrace your sparkle and make every outfit complete, but you do not want to sacrifice the planet in order to do so, you don’t have to worry because there are lots of eco-friendly ways to accessorise, as you will see below:

eco accessorising

1. Dive into the Local Treasure Trove

One of the sparkliest ways to keep your accessory game strong and sustainable is by sourcing local gems. Here in Australia, we’re not exactly short on stunning natural resources. From Australian gold plated jewellery to radiant opals set in silver, buying locally not only reduces your carbon footprint (because those gems haven’t travelled halfway across the world) but also supports local businesses. It’s a win-win! You get to wear a piece of Aussie pride right on your finger, neck, or wrist, and tell a great story about where it came from.

2. Vintage is the New Black

Why buy new when you can rock retro? Vintage accessories aren't just about nailing that #Throwback look; they’re about reusing and reducing waste. Check out your local thrift shops, estate sales, or online vintage stores. You might just find that one-of-a-kind piece that not only adds character to your outfits but also comes with its own history. Plus, there’s a low chance of running into someone else wearing the same thing. Talk about exclusive!

vintage shop

3. Artisan Over Automated

Handmade accessories from artisans are where it’s at if you want to keep things unique and ethical. These pieces are usually made with love, extra care, and considerably less energy than their mass-produced counterparts. Whether it’s handcrafted jewellery, bespoke hats, or hand-sewn scarves, going artisan means you’re supporting smaller creators while also bagging some meticulously made merch. It's like wearing a piece of art!

handmade by upbeat and positive jewellery

4. Material Matters

Not all materials are born equal, especially when it comes to sustainability. Opt for accessories made from recycled or sustainable materials. Bamboo, cork, and recycled metals or plastics can be just as stylish as their new counterparts. They often come with the added bonus of being conversation starters. “Oh this old thing? It’s just my gorgeous new belt made from recycled car tyres!”

5. Repurpose with Purpose

Got a broken necklace or a single earring that’s lost its partner? Time to get creative! Repurposing old jewellery into new pieces is not just fun; it’s also a green way to spruce up your accessory drawer. There are heaps of DIY tutorials online that can show you how to transform old bling into something fab. It’s like the fashion equivalent of turning water into wine.

6. Rent, Don't Buy

Got a special event but nothing to wear? Before you buy something new, consider renting accessories. Renting is an excellent way to reduce waste, and it means you can sport high-end luxury without the price tag or commitment. It’s like Netflix, but for jewellery and handbags!

Accessorising the eco way will look good, but more importantly, it will make you feel good about the way you live your life with the planet in mind, too!


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