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Silom Soi Song Darlinghurst Wine Pairing Dinner

Silom Soi Song Sydney

Silom Soi Song is one of Darlinghurst's best Thai Restaurants. I've been twice now and both times have had an amazing experience. I need to get something out of the way though, I have recently taken on the marketing for Silom Soi Song and built the website, so cards on the table here. This does not persuade my view, as a Sydney Lifestyle Blogger on this restaurant. Read my first review of Silom Soi Song.

Arlang, the owner and maitre di is hands-on in his restaurant and has a beautiful way of making his customers feel very welcome.

We were a table of six foodies & bloggers sampling a wine pairing menu. When we arrived it wasn’t too busy but it didn’t take long before people were filling up the tables, many being walk-ins without a booking.

The décor is very busy with bright colours everywhere. I actually like this because it’s vibrant and fun. Having travelled to Thailand last year, I certainly have had the experience of traditional Thai food and brightly coloured artistic decor.

It's worth mentioning here that 95% of Silom Soi Song's wine list is boutique and you can't buy them in a bottle shop. You can also purchase wine by the glass $8.

Thai Restaurant  Darlinghurst

We started off with an entrée of Crab Cakes and Money Bags. Golden Bags – Created in the royal kitchens of Thailand, these 'bags-o-gold' are a lovely contrast of the crispy fried pastry and the soft filling of chicken meat and vegetables served with the traditional sauce. (4 Pieces) $9.90

This was served with Garfish Moscato (SA). Surprisingly the sweetness went very well with the savoury flavours of the entree.

Soft Shell Crab – Marinated soft shell crab served with sweet chili sauce.

Soft Shell Crab – Marinated soft shell crab served with sweet chili sauce $16.00. A delicious dish on top of a fresh salad and coriander. The crab cooked just right and the added flavours of coriander, chili and apple on an iceberg lettuce was a great match.

Shell Bay Sauvignon Blanc Semillon (SA). A clean, crisp palate exhibiting citrus and tropical fruit flavours, it's a refreshing wine which complemented the Soft Shell Crab.

Thai restaurant sydney

Grilled Chicken Breast. Perfectly cooked tender chicken, with spices and lemon flavour. Another flavoursome dish. A touch of the Jam-Jaew dipping sauce added that little extra zing. I was very impressed how tender this dish was.

Stoneleigh Sauvignon Blanc (NZ). A tropical, passionfruit and citrus flavoured wine.

Moreton Bay Bugs

Moreton Bay Bugs. Lightly dusted Moreton Bay bug stir-fried in Solim Soi Song's exquisite tamarind sauce. Seriously tasted as good as it looks.

Stone Fish Merlot (SA). Juicy plum and earthy overtones. I was surprised we had a red with the Moreton Bay Bugs and delighted at what a lovely match it was. The Merlot isn't a heavy wine, and it was a nice transition into the reds.

Seasonal choice of Green Apple or Mango Beef Salad – Marinated beef slices tossed with mint, coriander leaves, shallots, red onions together with chilli-lime dressing, sprinkled with fried onions. $18.50 I enjoyed this dish, the beef is a premium cut. It was tender, flavoursome and spicy. The salad also looked sensational.

Stone Fish Cabernet Sauvignon (SA). Blackcurrant, blueberry and chocolate aromas with a concentrate, fruit-driven palate balanced by soft tannins. Possibly a match made in heaven? I enjoyed this wine very much, although I'm usually more partial to Shiraz.

Thai Lamb Shank

Lamb Shank Massaman and Three Mushrooms. A signature dish of Solim Soi Song. Tender lamb, with potatoes cooked in a coconut sauce. For those who love traditional Thai flavours then this dish is a must. The mushrooms that were served with the lamb were amazing. I do love my mushrooms and these were juicy, flavoursome and had a great texture.

Stone Fish Shiraz. Dry red wine has distinctive earthen flavours marked by velvety tannins. A very nice match indeed, and possibly my favourite wine of the night.

Silom Soi Song

And the Finale!

Fried Ice Cream! A different take from the traditional fried ice cream, as this was wrapped in filo pastry. I'm glad to say we shared the deserts and didn't have a whole one each because I truly don't think there was any room for any more drinking or eating....except for..........

Fried Icecream


Silom Soi Song

If you are in the Darlinghurst area and fancy Thai for dinner, then please do visit Silom Soi Song.

Thank You Silom Soi Song for your generous hospitality hosting Sydney Chic and friends.

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