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Hotel Review: Novotel Newcastle Beach

novotel newcastle beach

I was invited up to Novotel Newcastle Beach to stay overnight to review the hotel so I took the opportunity to invite my eldest daughter, Emma, to join me so we could spend some time together. Em lives in the country and we take every opportunity we get to see each other. I travelled up from Sydney and Em travelled down from Nabiac.... meeting half way.

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I arrived about half an hour before Em did so I checked into the room and then headed downstairs to find something to eat for a very late lunch.

The room was bright, very clean and had a great view straight down to the beach. I felt very comfortable in this room, it also had TV, ironing facilities and a small bar fridge with water that you can purchase. The bar fridge wasn't stocked, however you can order in house food or drink or go to the bar or restaurant downstairs.

I discovered a great restaurant opposite the Novotel so headed there for lunch. I was not disappointed with the food at East End Hub. I had the house smoked trout, with feta, apple and pistachio and it was fantastic. The whole area around Novotel Newcastle Beach has a very modern, relaxed feel about it. The hotel is situated close to beaches, a park and walking distance to other restaurants and cafes.

Novotel Newcastle Beach

Soon Emma arrived and I took her up to the room, settled her in and then we decided to go check out the gym for our session in the morning followed by a walk to the beach.

The foyer in the Novotel Newcastle Beach is very welcoming, with the Bistro Dalby Bar at one end. The foyer has lots of comfortable chairs in to sit on, a business hub room and even towels and toys for the children to take to the beach. It's very inviting.

Novotel Newcastle Beach

The beach and Esplanade is a short walk down the road. It was a bit windy when we went but we managed to find a nice cafe for a cup of tea to warm us up and enjoyed looking at the views of the beach.

Newcastle Beach

For dinner we decided on Bar Petite next door as we wanted to relax with share plates in comfortable lounge chairs and Emma had been there before and really enjoyed it.

We had an early night and settled back into our room. Our room had a window that we could open so we could hear the ocean and have fresh air. That's a big plus for me when staying in hotels, I really do not enjoy it when I can't open a window and have to breathe in air conditioning all night. The beds were very comfortable and warm. There is nothing worse than staying in a hotel with just light blankets, I enjoy my doona!

Breakfast is in Bistro Dalby and you can choose from a cooked selection, juices, continental, fruit bowls and you can order eggs. Once we had finished this huge meal we set off to do a mum and daughter workout in the gym which is adequate with both free weights, a weight machine, rowing machine and running machines. The gym is very clean with great shower amenities and a spa.

If you are heading to Newcastle check out the Novotel Newcastle Beach, we really enjoyed our stay. My only observation is there was no information in our room as to where to visit or eat in the area.

Novotel Newcastle Beach


DISCLAIMER: Deb and Emma Carr stayed at Novotel Newcastle Beach as guests. Meals apart from breakfast were independently paid for. Please read full Disclaimer here, we are not biased in our opinion just because we are guests.

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