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Five Ways To Wear White During Winter

White Blazer

The White Blazer

Match a white blazer and a pair of jeans is the perfect smart casual look for winter. This versatile jacket can easily be worn in for office wear, casual and even into the night.

Black jackets are a regular winter look but for something brighter, white is the key. A white tailored jacket is classic and versatile, and of course chic. Wear it over jeans, pants, skirts, tanks and dresses.

Jennifer Lopez

All White

OK we all can't look like Jennifer Lopez or pull of this amazing look, but you have to admit there is something about dress head to toe in white that makes an impact.

White cowboy boots

White Shoes

it's not everyone's ideal look and we are talking about white shoes! However, as Jennifer Lopez pulls off the whole white outfit as mentioned above; white shoes can make a statement. These white cowboy ankle boots are really cool, they won't last long because they are not leather and white gets dirty, but certainly something fun and different to brighten up winter.

White Oversized Jumper

White Dress

Team up a white dress with knee-high boots and you will never be mistaken for a bride! It's brave to wear white dresses, especially as some of us might have a few extra bumps or dimples we don't want highlighted because we are wearing white, so an oversized dress like this is the perfect way to solve that problem.

White Frame Sunglasses

White Framed Sunglasses

Finish your winter white look with a pair of white framed sunglasses.




Be brave and mix different shades of white with cream. Experiment with different textures to mix and match such as denim and a soft knit for a match.

If you want to look super chic, go for tailored pieces, nothing beats quality.

Try to look effortless; white pants with white top and a beautiful shawl elegantly draped over your shoulders. Think of your white top and pants as a canvas to add colour to.

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