Things to do in Sydney: Potts Point Market

I've lived in Potts Point for nearly three years and it's a vibrant area, full of interesting characters, shops, food and of course the night life. The area has changed a lot since I first moved here, and the Cross itself has certainly quietened down, but we all know the reason behind that.

One of the attractions that I really love about living here is the Potts Point (Kings Cross) Market on a Saturday morning. Here you will find organic produce, food stalls, unique clothing and jewellery, butcher, seafood, flowers, cakes and other artisan produce.

The Potts Point market is situated next to El Alamein Fountain and the famous Kings Cross Police station. Every Saturday wether it is rain or sunshine, the locals and tourists mill around the markets for a relaxed place to spend the morning.

Right smack in the middle of a place known for it's notoriety in day's gone by, visiting Kings Cross Market is a place to find all sorts of amazing produce that could have you fooled you're actually in some quaint country town.

@thebutcherslunch is on of my favourite foodie places to visit at the Potts Point Market. The pulled pork is amazing, tender and juicy served with crackling and coleslaw on a fresh bun.

You never know you might bump into at Potts Point markets. Today I bumped into my friend "She Beast" who was strutting her stuff promoting one of my favourite local eateries, The Silly Tart Kitchen.

If it's jams you are looking for; well take your pick.

The flower stall is one of the busy areas and I often buy a bunch for home. I also visit the stall above when I'm looking for a plant; mind you there are so many plants in my place there is hardly any room for me.

As I mentioned before, not only is the Potts Point market a place to enjoy good food and coffee; there are some very interesting stalls selling beautiful artisan products.

It goes without saying that organic fruit and vegetables are in abundance.

Macleay Street, in Potts Point offers some fabulous shopping and eateries, so after your market visit, take a stroll down Macleay Street, is worth the time.

Potts Point is becoming quite the foodie haven and there have been some great new cafe's and restaurants opening up in the area. There is always somewhere to sit down and soak up the atmosphere with a coffee.

And when the shopping is done I come back home with a beautiful bunch of flowers for the apartment.

Potts Point market is open every Saturday from 8.00am - 2.00pm.

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