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The Silly Tart Kitchen Beer & Bacon Degustation

Silly Tart Kitchen

Last night I attended a degustation dinner with a difference. Beer and Bacon. The Silly Tart Kitchen are always up for the unusual and Chef Josh certainly put his culinary talents to the test last night. Pairing Bacon with craft beer supplied by Two Birds Brewing.

Beer Cocktails

Starting with a choice of cocktail "A Noble Taco Head" or "An Espresso Sunset" guests then moved on to sample the pairing meal.

Two Birds Brewery

I'm not a beer drinker but I must say I really enjoyed the cocktails and the beers with this amazing menu.

Silly Tart Kitchen

Potato chips and bacon bits to share

Beer and Bacon

TACO beer with bloody bacon shot with coriander and beer foam

Sydney Blog

PALE with fish and chips, poached in pale with roasted pineapple, black garlic, tostadas and bacon crumble

Beer and Bacon Degustation

SUNSET ALE (blind tasting) - Macaroni cheese

Sydney Restaurants

WINTER STOUT with carpet bag steak, confit sirloin, lemon and rock oyster fritter. Winter stout and bacon jam.

Oyster Fritters

IPA with chocky cake, dark chocolate and stout, burnt marshmallow and candied bacon IPA.

Sydney Blogger

Did I catch you eating chocolate Josh?

Owners of the Silly Tart Kitchen Josh and Nina

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