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Cynosure Treatment #2 With Dr Keith Kolodzej aka Dr Pico

It's been 6 weeks since I had my first Cynosure treatment with Dr Keith Kolodzej aka Dr Pico and Glaucia who works in the clinic too. I was looking forward to catching up with Dr Pico and Glaucia again as they are lovely people. As I mentioned in my first article, Dr Keith also works as an emergency doctor as well as fly-in and fly-out – so he's a busy man!

Since my first treatment I have seen an amazing difference thanks to the Picosure procedure in my skin with people even saying I looked different, but not being able to pinpoint what that actually was. One of the most drastic changes was the fading of two very big dark spots on my face and neck. After the first treatment, those spots got considerably darker and then they faded. Dr Keith warned me this would happen.

The photo above shows my skin prior to Dr Keith Kolodzej starting the second treatment; you can see on my neck and temple where the faded dark spot was, but you need to look hard now because of considerable fading. I'm so happy with this result.

Before the treatment took place, Dr Keith covered my eyes, and this time I was much more relaxed because I knew what to expect. Does it hurt? A little, but very tolerable. Your face feels a little like sunburn when it's all over. In saying that; it really doesn't take that long at all. Plus Dr Keith and Glaucia are fun to hang out with and we have some laughs. You are offered a glass of wine if you like too. Both Keith and Glaucia have had the Cynosure treatment themselves, so they know exactly how it feels to be the patient.

It's been five days now since I've had the second treatment and again the pigment on my neck and face got a little darker but again they are fading already. This time I'm told to expect those two marks to be hardly noticeable very soon. Of course the other difference is a clearer complexion and fading of fine lines.

Come back to this post in a few weeks and I'll update with a new photo. Although I am using Cynosure for face rejuvenation the equipment is used for tattoo removal, which is a speciality of Dr Pico.

t. 02 9380 7060


10am-2pm SAT


Sydney Chic was invited by Cynosure to have these treatments. My review is an honest account of my experience. For more information please read our Disclaimer.

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