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Mercedes-Benz Vans and Airbnb Marco Polo ACTIVITY Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island

Stepping off the water taxi onto Cockatoo Island we were greeted by huge industrial warehouses, sandstone walls and surrounded by the sparkling blue water of Sydney harbour. We were lead through an underground walkway that resembled something similar of a war tunnel. There was an eerie feeling in the air as heeled footsteps echoed throughout the tunnel. It then became easy to imagine the dark history that Cockatoo Island held. It served as a jail for convicts in the 1800s for 30 years housing terrible living conditions and over crowding until it was eventually shut down. Not long after Cockatoo Island was home to reform schools for delinquent youth. This island that was once used to house Australian criminals now serves as an Australian treasure, its vast space and beautiful harbour views allowing for a range of events to be held here. I was attending a brunch by Mercedes-Benz Vans and AirBnB to promote their new Marco Polo ACTIVITY.

Upon our arrival at Cockatoo Island we were treated to a luxurious 2 course brunch. Our dining room took advantage of the island’s beauty, boasting water front views and even the Harbour Bridge could be seen floating in the distance. The long wooden table was slowly being covered by plates of beautiful prosciutto crudo, ocean trout, cheese boards and a potato and leek omelette, this modestly just being the first course. The luxury continued as the second course made its way to the table, poached quince with hazelnut crumble, cream and wafers. Feeling highly indulged and way too full, we were then lead outside where three Marco Polo ACTIVITY vans were parked, each coming with unique styling to showcase its versatility.

Cockatoo Island

Mercedes-Benz Vans and AirBnB had combined creative ideas to create what you would basically call a hotel on wheels. Looking at the capacity the vans held for all kinds of get aways I was amazed to learn the planning process between Mercedes and AirBnB was completed in only a matter of weeks. The luxurious van whilst from the outside appears as a normal Mercedes van, remarkably sleeps up to 4 people, utilizing space in the middle for one double sized bed and an extra pull down mattress in the roof for another. Peering inside the van I was amazed to see just how much room there really was, even with the driver and front passenger seat still upright. A fire pit, a game of croquet and a picnic had been set up romanticizing the adventures that are possible with the new ACTIVITY van.

Mercedes-Benz Vans ACTIVITY

So to those who are repulsed by the idea of camping, the fear of being cramped into a tiny tent with bugs crawling on you being just too much to bare, I would highly recommend giving the new ACTIVITY van a try. Ideal for a weekend getaway the van manages to turn the cramped side of camping into a cosy private room for you and your closest friends.

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