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Sydney Restaurant Review: Doyles Watson's Bay

Does Doyles Watson's Bay really need a review? Probably not, this Sydney Iconic restaurant has been delighting guests for years. Crikey they don't even have Instagram! They don't need it!

Since I'm here though, I couldn't help but take some photos and add to my list of favourite restaurants in Sydney.

Doyles Watson's Bay

It's a freezing cold day, with gale force winds so there is no seating outside. I'm happy with that as I'm battling the flu anyway and I love being seated upstairs in this bright room with million dollar views.

Doyles Watsons Bay

Fabulous fresh Sydney Rock Oysters to start 6 plain and 6 Kilpatrick. I don't think I've ever come across Kilpatrick with such a generous amount of bacon; it works though.

Doyles Sydney

What better than a big bowl of mussels cooked in a beautiful garlic and rich but not overpowering tomato sauce? Served with a drop of A.Retief Collection Tumbarumba NSW Amazingly delicate & subtle, full of white peach & flint with incredible length & balance.

Doyles Watsons Bay

I'm so addicted to Fish n Chips. These flathead fillets from Ulladulla were sensational. The flathead is served in slender portions and the fish is tender and flavoursome.

Doyles on the Beach Watson Bay

Doyles Watson's Bay is the perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon, even if it's blowing a gale outside.


This meal was independently paid for.

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