The Wonders of The Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

It's been a tedious week for me; totally bedridden with the dreaded flu so today, as I felt better, I thought the best way to get back on track was to take my camera and head down to the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens. I never tire of the wonders of these gardens with views over the Harbour and discovering new flowers and plants every time I walk there.

As it is almost Spring, flowers are blooming in little pockets throughout the garden. This spectacular beauty stood out for me.

Fig trees are in abundance in the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney. This one situated near the gates on Macquarie Street looks full of mystery.

Scattered throughout the grounds are 'off the beaten track' types of walks where you can discover a range of foliage in contrasting colours.

As well as the beautiful red sunflower I featured at the top of this post there are the traditional yellow ones as well in a garden bed dedicated to the species. This one looking a bit worse for wear but that doesn't stop the bee harvesting its pollen.

Air plants can be spotted growing off trees.

This part of the garden looks like a tropical oasis. It is situated near the Garden Shop and the cafe and restaurant.

From tropical oasis you can walk further along and think you are in the Blue Mountains or some quaint country village.

Even in the shade flowers grow in abundance.

A field of orchids made my day. I think orchids are one of the most exquisite plants and despite the many times I have walked through the gardens this is the first time I actually spotted this little plot.

The Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney is free to enter. The gardens were opened in 1816 and occupy 30 hectares (74 acres).


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