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Gluten Free Meal Co Delivering Fresh Meals to Home

The Gluten Free Meal Co

I was invited to review some dishes from the Gluten Free Meal Co who deliver fresh homestyle meals to your door. Now I have been totally on and off Gluten Free for years - back on it again now. The reason I became gluten free was in 1999 I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and this hit me hard. I did not want to go on steroids or the other nasty meds so I did my research and decided I'll go gluten and dairy free. My specialist wasn't really happy with my choice but he decided he would let me do this and he would monitor me very closely. Now I must point out here, this is not medically proven and this is my own journey, it my not work for anyone else. Also I was diagnosed late in life so my Crohn's has never been as horrendous as others, especially those that discovered they have it at an early age. I also think I had such a strong mindset that this was going to work for me that it did. I have only been hospitalised twice in since that time, and both times I had gone off my diet. I also had a very serious scare last year, when I was told I most likely had carcinoid cancer, it was a month of hell but I'm pleased to say, the CT scans looked like it, but the doctors discovered after the MRI It was actually scarring from Crohn's. Boy that was a relief!

So that's the background of being Gluten Free (mostly).

Now, the problem was when I started gluten free the food was blah! You couldn't find anything half decent or tasty to eat. We have come along way since then!

The Gluten Free Meal Company have created a range of amazing, snacks, sweets and meals that you order online and are delivered straight to your door. The menu has a nice range and it's quick and easy to order online plus, personally, I think the meals are very reasonably priced.

I didn't order a whole week's worth intentionally, because I knew I was going to be out most of the week, so I opted for three dishes to give me an idea of what the food is like.

I don't use a microwave so I had to heat my butter chicken in my frypan. It might not have looked as beautiful as it should doing it this way, but I can assure you this dish still tasted fabulous.

These are seriously yummy. I think even those who would never dare try gluten free would get hooked on these tasty tarts.

Gluten Free Lemon Tarts

Yes! Yum! Now everyone can enjoy Samosas. The Gluten Free Meal company have got this! I enjoyed these little babies with some yogurt mixed with mint & lemon. Great flavour and the gluten free pasty could easily trick anyone into thinking they were eating a non-gluten free Samosa. I did spray mine with some olive oil when I cooked them.

Gluten Free Samosas

My verdict? Well having been a person who started gluten free nearly two decade ago, if I had the opportunity then to have my meals prepared like this, gluten free would have been easy. Great meals, tasty and very reasonably priced.

Hop on to the Gluten Free Meal Co and go test drive yourself!

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