Vic's Meat Market 3rd Birthday

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Located in the midst of Sydney’s fish markets in Pyrmont, Vic’s Meat Market is renowned for its abundance of fresh, quality meat ranging from chicken, kangaroo, rabbit and even wild boar. This was all on display for Vic’s third anniversary as well as flowing ciders and beers. There was an endless surplus of mouth watering lamb cutlets, beef burgers, lamb wraps and spicy pulled pork, and a flock of hungry carnivores waiting to indulge. A lamb was being carved on the spit, and chicken skewers being turned on the barbecue as eager eyes watched on, waiting to sink their teeth into the meat cooking before them. The atmosphere was upbeat as a DJ played at the back of the veranda, whilst people lingered around, burger in one hand, a beer in the other.

Owners Victor and Anthony Puharich have been in the meat industry for several years, establishing Australia’s leading meat distribution, Vic’s Premium Quality Meat, in 1996. Three years ago they developed Vic’s Meat Market and have received great success from the business. Using localised produce, the father and son duo are responsible for distributing meat to 80% of Sydney’s top restaurants and sell over 20 tonnes of meat per day. Victor’s 40 years of experience as a butcher is what makes Vic’s Meat Market so outstanding in their quality of meat as well as the passion the team has in creating delicious Australian produce. With the diverse range of meat, Vic provides, it’s easy to recognise that their meat is the most distributed throughout Australia.

As the night continued and people were filling up on more burgers and beer, Vic walked out holding a huge cake designed as a mini meat market, with steaks, cutlets and vegetables all made out of cake covering the top. As the crowd sung Happy Birthday, it was clear to see how humbled Vic was and the pride he had over what he had achieved. Meat is such an integral part of any meal and knowing that it comes from great localised produce is one thing Vic’s meat guarantees, not to mention the great taste.

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