Best Sydney Parks for your Furry Friends

With Spring finally in full swing, there’s no better time than now to go outside and explore some of Sydney’s best dog parks. Whether you love taking your dog for walks, or your furry friend enjoys running around with other dogs, these parks are the best for ultimate pup time.

Centennial Park

More than 1,000,000 dogs roam through this park every year, and with 154 hectares allocated for off-leash fun, it’s clear to see why. Sandstone Ridge and Federation Valley are very popular destinations for off leash fun, but there are some areas where you need to keep your furry friend on the lead. And with 360 waste bins scattered throughout the park, be sure to remember to pick up after your dog. MAP

Smoothey Park

Although you’ll have to keep your beloved pet on a leash, there are treats waiting after the walk. Once you’ve explored the shaded European style parkland, Chew Chew Pet Restaurant is only two minutes walk away. This restaurant serves three-course meals specifically for dogs, including a starter, main, and even a doggy cupcake for dessert. The perfect combination! MAP

Rowland Reserve

Right by the water, Rowland Reserve is one of the best locations to take your beloved pooch. There is access to water, sand, a grassed oval, and even walking tracks for you and your dog to explore, with lots of friendly dogs also around. A dog wash is also nearby if you need to give your furry friend a clean after a visit to what the locals call, ‘doggie heaven’. MAP

Observatory Hill Park

With million dollar views, and being an off leash park at all times, Observatory Hill Park is special for both you and your furry friend. With Sydney Harbour and the Bridge in sight, this park has to be one of the most Instaworthy and dog friendly locations on offer – the perfection location to capture puppy spam. MAP

Sirius Cove Reserve

Sirius Cove Reserve is a beautiful spot to take your pup, with a protected beach as well as plenty of shade on the grassy area which overlooks the water. During the weekdays, the beach is off leash, but only before 9 am and after 4 pm on weekends and public holidays. MAP


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