Lonely Planet The Cities Book Second Edition

Photo: Bangkok – Nimon / Shutterstock

See the best cities of the world within Lonely Planet's The Cities Book with the new and fully updated second edition. This hardback book will take you on journeys from Abu Dhabi to Zanzibar

where you can explore 200 of the world’s most dynamic cities through the 750 stunning photographs.

Photo: Split – Cuellar / Getty

The Cities Book, lets readers explore each city with essential information including background and planning advice, its anatomy and people, best time to visit, imports and exports, as well as its strengths and weaknesses; movies it’s been featured in; where to shop, as well as the nightlife, shows to watch and more.

Photo Hangzhou – Zhao Jian Kang / Shutterstock

The Cities Book also includes top five best cities for bookworms, LGBT travellers, skylines, art galleries, coffee, museums, accessibility, cycling, architecture, wine, music and more.

Photo Nara – Sean Pavone / Shutterstock

The Cities Book is a world tour from city to city, coast to coast, spanning the globe from cities located at the southernmost tip of South America (Ushuaia) to the remote country of Mongolia (Ulaanbaatar), creating a rich tapestry of cultures, sights and community. A must have guide for planning your travel.

Photo Hobart – Paparwin Tanupatarachai / Getty

Lonely Planet have kindly given us permission to share some of the photos within this post.

The Cities Book (2nd edition)

Published 1 November 2017 / 424pp, full colour / AUD $80


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