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Christmas Gift Idea #8 VIVRA Hands and Strap Free Bum Bag

VIVRA Strap Free Bum Bag

The VIVRA strap free bum bag is a great way to keep your valuables safe when you are on the move or training in the gym. It is a simple yet sophisticated solution for carrying essential items such as keys, credit cards and a phone, perfect for anyone on the go! I took this pic on my morning walk around Rushcutters Bay today.

The concept of VIVRA is ingenious with its patented bi-fold design that removes the need for belts and straps as it folds over the waistband of garments and snaps securely into place with special neodymium magnets and ensures that your VIVRA won’t move an inch, even during intense physical activity. It's a stylish and easy to wear concept, that is perfect for the gym, walking, running or doing anything where you want to be hands free, at the same time keeping your valuables close to you. Don't worry if you work up a sweat at the gym, this little bum bag is machine washable and being made of neoprene fabric, it is also water resistant and robust.

It's also a fabulous way to keep your credit card and keys with you when clubbing or going out, as long as you are wearing pants or a skirt you can easily wear the VIVRA bum bag and not worry about losing anything. And it's great for guys too!

VIVRA is available in a variety of designs and sizes online at with a starting RRP of $44.95.

The perfect gift for the gym junkie fashionista.

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