The FoodSaver® Fresh Food Preservation System

As soon as I saw this product come across my desk I knew immediately a person in my family who would be delighted to have one of these! I’m talking about the Sunbeam FoodSaver® which helps reduce waste by keeping food fresh for longer. My daughter, Emma, meticulously prepares her food for the week as she’s totally 100% fitness and nutrition, so refuses to buy takeaway when at work, I can see how someone like Em, would benefit from such a great kitchen appliance.

The FoodSaver® Fresh Food Preservation System is a food vacuum sealer that can be used with both refrigerated as well as dried pantry goods and keeps food fresh up to twice longer than conventional fridge methods like zip seal bags, foil, cling film and containers. It works by quickly and efficiently removing the air from the specially designed vacuum containers and vacuum zipper bags to keep food fresh and tasty. By removing the air which causes food to lose flavour, texture and nutrition, food can be preserved longer than traditional storage methods such as zip seal bags, foil, cling film and containers.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics research shows that food waste in homes continues to rise with Australians wasting $20 billion worth of food every year, half of which comes from household consumers. On average, Australians discard around 20 percent of the food they buy, which is about $3800 per household annually. I am so guilty of this because I have a phobia about anything that isn’t 100% fresh. This might stem from Christmas 2010 that struck me down with Food Poison that I’ve never been able to forget! That’s why I am recommending the FoodSaver, because I can really see value in it.

The FoodSaver® Fresh is a great solution for people who love eating healthy, tasty fresh food but don’t want to shop on a daily basis, as well it is perfect for those on a budget and don’t like wastage.

Specially designed for use with FoodSaver ®Fresh vacuum containers and vacuum Zipper Bags, the new FoodSaver ®Fresh is a compact powerhouse. And don’t worry about the appliance taking up too much room, it won’t take any more space than a kettle.

The perfect gift for any fresh foodie, the FoodSaver® Fresh retails for RRP $129 and is available online at and at leading retail outlets.

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