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Want Bubbles Over Christmas That Are Actually Good for You? Try Rok Kombucha.

Rok Kombucha

For those of you who love kombucha, such as I do, then I'd like to introduce you to rok kombucha which is made in the Margaret River, WA. What is different from this 100% organic brand, is that it is actually made by a winemaker! And it is delicious!

Because I have a disease called "Crohn's Disease" it is very beneficial for me to get a dose of probiotics into me daily. I also like to include ginger as an anti-inflammatory food as well. The photo above is a salad full of nutritious foods as well as ginger and along with a glass (or two) or rok Ginger Pop it makes a delicious and healthy lunch. Probiotics provide a balance in the intestinal microbiota, normalizing processes in the gut and boosting the immune system. These bugs are super important for our health and you will notice 'things' floating in kombucha - it's yeast and good bacteria and a sign your Kombucha is made correctly.

The owners of rok, Trent (AFL player turned winemaker) and Amanda (a former Business Improvement Analyst) discovered the benefits of kombucha when looking for a natural way to support their young family’s health. After brewing a couple of batches, they were hooked on this ancient, sparkling, probiotic beverage and made it their mission to share its’ immune and energy boosting properties with Australia. I'm glad they did!

rok kombucha

Rok comes in a variety of flavours and you can find a stockist by visiting the rok kombucha website.

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