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Fitness Tip: Surviving Work Conferences

Healthy eating at work conferences

Most of my clients are busy professionals who have work commitments which can take them all over the world.

It can put a big dent in our progress when eating and drinking rituals associated with work trips to Melbourne and further abroad come up.

Here are my 4 best tips for reducing the damage from away from home conferences:

  1. Before you leave, make sure you get to the gym and lift weights, and have a large meal of greens. Your personal preferences for training and eating vegetables not covered in butter or dressing usually go unheard on these sort of events

  2. Buffet Breakfast. Most hotels these days have an omelette bar, where you can order your eggs cooked how you like. Opt for a egg white omelette, with as much veggies as you like. Add in some smoked salmon to keep you feeling fuller for longer

  3. Have some quest bars or other protein bars on hand. Most people ditch the calorie control when they are hungry and unprepared!

  4. Chill out on the open bar. “Free” does not mean free - you’ll pay for it in calories and a hangover the next day. Do the right thing, be social - but have 2 glasses of wine then announce you have an ‘important overseas call to take’ (and smoke bomb like a champion)

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