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100% Natural Product Range to Help Relieve Pain and Reduce Inflammation

Kunzea ambigua plant

I've been doing it tough lately with a pulled hamstring and a problem with my hip needing physiotherapy. To put it bluntly I've been in agony! Actually I still am, and it hasn't helped that I moved house last week so lots of movement and little rest. I have discovered an unique product that is 100% natural that does give me some relief. I can't say it's 'cured' my pain but it's very comforting and does ease it. I'm talking about Zea Relief's Kunzea Balm which contains Australian Kunzea Essential Oil. This is an Australian made family owned business.

A naturopath for the last 20 years, Michelle Brass was convinced of the remedial benefits of the Kunzea ambigua plant after using the pure essential oil on clients in her clinic. Her clients kept requesting the product so Michelle and her horticulturalist partner Simon Brass decided to discover the full therapeutic properties of the plant. Also known as ‘tick bush’, the wild-growing plant is native to the cooler coastal regions of New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania, and grows profusely in the rugged climate of northeast Tasmania and the Bass Strait. Aboriginal communities traditionally used the Kunzea ambigua plant to relieve irritated skin, muscle tightness and pain.

Because of the demonstrated effectiveness of Kunzea ol the Brass family launched a commercial range named Zea Relief.

Zea Natural Balm

Australian Kunzea Oil targets sore joints and the aches and pains caused by arthritis by being absorbed through the skin to target areas of inflammation. It is there that the oil triggers the body's own healing process to relax muscles and ease pain. As I am typing this post, I rubbed some Zea Relief Balm into the back of my knee where the majority of my pain is, and it has eased it dramatically. I also love the smell of the Balm and roll on oil, it reminds me of the Australian bush which is where I love to be.

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